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Who are our Governors?

Our Governors consist of:

  • Parent: elected as representatives of the interests of parents of pupils currently attending the school.
  • Teacher: elected as representatives of the interests of the teaching staff of their school. 
  • Staff: elected from among the support staff (all staff employed at the school other than in a teaching capacity) at the school.
  • Local Authority (LA): appointed by the LA which maintains the school. 
  • Community: live or work in the community of the school area and are invited by other Governors to join the governing body.
  • Headteacher: will be a full member of the governing body of their school

Our Governors

Mrs Christine Salter - Chairperson
Mrs S Morgan -Headteacher
Mr G Hinchey - Vice Chairperson
Miss P J Broughton - Deputy Headteacher
Mr John Grieve - Parent Governor
Mr D Walsh - Local Authority Governor

Ms Silvia Villarroya Lidon - Parent Governor
Mrs F Conlon - Community Governor
Rev A Harwood  - Community Governor
Mrs C Garlant - Community Governor
Mr M Ash-Edwards - Local Authority Governor
Mrs D Moore - Clerk to Governing Body
Mr T Morris -
Parent Governor
Mrs E Gammon - Parent Governor
Ms E Lane - Parent Governor
Miss R Oats - Teaching Governor
Miss S Daley - Non-Teaching Staff Governor