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At Birchgrove Primary, we have a fantastic Techno team called Digidudes! Being a Digidude isn't about being the best at IT; it's about having patience, problem-solving skills, a love for learning, and a willingness to help others. Our Digidudes come from years 3 to 6 and receive special training on how to keep our school's equipment safe, fix any issues, and make sure everyone stays safe online. Throughout the school year, Digidudes take part in exciting workshops led by Mrs. Miles, CyberSkills and Technocamps. These workshops teach them valuable skills they can use to not only grow themselves but to also lead workshops for their peers and younger students using a variety of cool software: Lego WeDo 2, Lego Spike, Green Screens, Minecraft, Beebots, Mtiny, Scratch, Sphero and more! 

What do Digidudes do? 

1.    Helps friends and teachers when their computers have problems
2.     Keeps calm when problem-solving
3.     Keeps everyone safe online and teaches friends how to be safe too
4.     Helps younger children learn how to code and programme robots
5.     Takes care of the school's IT equipment. Reports any damaged items to Mrs Miles
6.     Helps teachers and friends use HWB platforms (e.g. Minecraft, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Just2easy)
7.     Helps Mrs. Miles with computer jobs e.g. updating devices, testing out new kit
8.     Attends workshops to learn more about computational thinking, robots and online safety