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Curriculum for Wales at Birch grove Primary School

‘Where every child is a star!’ 

Our vision at Birchgrove Primary is encapsulated in our school motto and statement ‘Preparing children to step confidently into their futures, a community learning together.’ It is an exciting time in Welsh education with the implementation of the new Curriculum for Wales from September 2022. 

At the heart of the new curriculum for Wales are the 4 Core Purposes – the starting point and aspiration for every child and young person in Wales. The aim of the School Curriculum is to support its pupils to become: 

  • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives 
  • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work
  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. 

The Learning Heroes used throughout the school are our main driver for the 4 Core Purposes. The Learning Heroes were co-created with pupils to incorporate the 4 Core Purposes and dispositions towards learning.  The pupils use the Learning heroes when reflecting and evaluating their learning journeys. 



The curriculum will be designed around Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs): 

The cross – curricular responsibilities of literacy, numeracy and digital competence are interwoven through all areas of learning and experience. Our curriculum provides opportunities to promote the cross-cutting themes of human rights and diversity, Relationships and Sexuality education, Careers and work related experiences., whilst considering local, national and international contexts. 

We have developed innovative and creative contexts building on the What Matters Statements and descriptions of learning. We aim to foster an excitement and enthusiasm for learning by :-

  • Ensuring we develop a broad and balanced curriculum that builds upon prior learning. 
  • Providing authentic, real life experiences.
  • Instilling learners with pride and passion in themselves and their communities, developing an understanding of cynefin. 
  • Promoting the knowledge and application of the Welsh language.
  • Developing a positive growth mindset to enable pupils to become resilient and resourceful learners. 
  • embedding Thinking Skills to encourage pupils to think critically and reflectively about their learning. 
  • Differentiating appropriately, through a sound understanding of pupils needs, learning styles and prior learning. 
  • Involving pupils in decision making and planning – valuing pupil voice. 
  • Undertaking professional development to ensure that our pedagogy is current and has maximum impact on teaching and learning. 

Assessment and Progression

Teachers and pupils are involved in the continuous assessment of learning, assessment for learning and the assessment in learning. We assess and monitor pupil progress using a range of assessment tools and strategies. We plan for progressive learning through the progression steps and AoLEs using the principles of progression. 


Our curriculum will be kept under review through regular monitoring and evaluating activities. We will continue to listen to the views of all stakeholders. We will ensure that our curriculum continues to meet the needs of all learners, allowing all pupils to make progress. 

Curriculum Summary Infographic

2022 - A new curriculum for Wales has arrived

From September 2022, the way children and young people learn in schools will change, to prepare them better for a changing world. Schools will create their own curricula within a national framework, adapting the content to make it more relevant and meaningful to their learners.