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Anti-Racist School

Here at Birchgrove we are committed to zero tolerance of racism. We are here to promote anti-racism and teach a curriculum which children from all diverse backgrounds can relate to. The staff at Birchgrove are committed to being anti-racist as opposed to non-racist. As an establishment, we have signed up to the Race Council Cymru Anti-Racism Pledge where we welcome the breadth and diversity of tradition, belief and culture of our community. All learners have the right to be treated with respect and to feel safe with regard to their individual ethnic background and identity. Our curriculum design enables pupils to make progress within the four purposes. Throughout topics, teachers consider the themes through the lens of diversity and Cynefin. 

What is anti-racism?

Anti-racism moves beyond the promotion of equality and diversity and ‘not being racist’ to actively opposing racism and being an advocate for individual, institutional and systemic change.

The New Curriculum for Wales (2022)

‘The Curriculum for Wales offers schools in Wales a unique opportunity to explore its cultural heritage and diversity, its languages and the values, histories, and traditions of its communities and all of its people. Learners should be grounded in an understanding of the identities, landscapes and histories that come together to form their Cynefin. This will not only allow them to develop a strong sense of their own identity and wellbeing, but to develop an understanding of identities and make connections with people, places, and histories elsewhere in Wales and across the world. It is important for this to be inclusive and to draw on the experiences, perspectives, and cultural heritage of contemporary Wales’ (Designing a Curriculum in Wales and for Wales, Hwb).