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Yr 5 Yoga & Mindfulness Club

Yoga and Mindfulness Club


Yoga and Mindfulness club takes place with Mrs Jacobs and Mrs McNamara every Thursday after school between 3.40pm and 4.30pm for Year 5 pupils.  

Did you know yoga refines balance and co-ordination, develops focus and concentration, whilst also boosting self-esteem and confidence? Yoga is also key to strengthening the mind-body connection.


What do we do?

Each session we practise some yoga stretches and mindfulness techniques. These teach us how to relax and how to be more aware in our daily lives.


What do the pupils say?

“It’s a great example of how to calm yourself down when you’re having a bad or hyperactive day. You don’t have to do a long session to feel better and I really like the mindfulness walking”

Maisey, 5J



“I think it’s relaxing, helps you to stretch more and you find better ways to stretch and breathe to be mindful.”

Madison, 5J