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Young Lifesavers Club

Young Lifesaver's Thursday in 2CH from 3:35 to 4:20 p.m.

Thursday 24th March

We have been learning how to use the DRAB routine when finding an unconcious casualty.  We practised putting one another into the recovery position.

24/3/16 - There is Young Lifesavers Club
17/3/16 - there will be no lifesaver's this week due to a PTA event.
10/3/16 - no club this evening as I will be meeting parents.


Today we learned about accidents and discussed if they can be prevented.

New group starting Thursday 3rd March!

Thursday 21st January 2016

The session today was to learn CPR.  All of the children were able to practise using a life saving doll.  We listened to 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees to help us keep the rhythm. Da iawn blant.  Next week, Thursday 28th January, will be our final session.

Yesterday was the last session before Christmas.  Our next session will be on Thursday 14th January 2016.  Nadolig Llawen!


This week we have been learning about poisoning and what we can do to try and prevent this happening.


This week we have been learning how to recognise and treat a fracture.  We practised using a triangular bandage to stabilise a fractured arm.



This week we have been learning about Asthma.  

If you would like to learn more follow the power point below from St John's Ambulance. 


DRAB - what does this means?


Ask our young lifesavers and they will tell you this stands for:

D- Danger

R - Response

A - Airway

B - Breathing

Look at us in action!

Our New Younglife Savers journey begins................

Younglife Savers Club


Well done everyone.  Our club has finished and our Year 6 children have skills to help in many different scenarios when a casualty needs help.


We look forward to returning in the Autumn Term 2015. 


02.07.15 CPR

Before we started to learn about CPR, we used our DRAB skills to assess the casualty.


We now know that CPR stands for chest compression and rescue breathing.  This important life skill now means we know where to place our hands and the ratio of chest compression to rescue breaths.


We have also learnt that hands-only CPR can still save a life.  Click the following link to see it in action:

Club Cancelled on Thursday 25th June 2015


There will be no club on Thursday 25th June.  We will send a ltter home shortly to advise on the remaining weeks.

18.06.15   Poisioning


We have been learning about different poisons around the home.  We recorded how they could enter our bodies to poison us (inhalation, injection, swallowed, absorption) and what action we would need to take.

11.06.15 - Burns and Scalds


We learnt about the different types of burns and scalds and the functions of skin. We worked together to record where the burn or scald may come from.

04.06.15 Fractures

We have been learning about the subject of broken bones and the the term fracture.  We also learnt about the recognition features of a fracture and how to treat a casualty with a suspected fracture.

Club Cancelled on Thursday 21st May 2015


There will be no club on Thursday 21st May due to the PTFA disco.  We will see all Young lifesavers after our half term break (25th May-30th May).  Our next club will be on Thursday 4th June.

07.05.15 and 14.05.15


There will no Young Lifesavers club on the above dates.  The next session will be Thursday 21st May.

30.04.15 - Wounds, Bleeding and Shock


Welcome back Young Lifesavers after your Year 6 trip to Llain.


This week we have been learning about wounds and wounds with an objects in them with a little help of strawberry sauce for the blood.  Along with how to treat shock.

16.04.15 - Asthma


Welcome back Young Lifesavers.


Today, we learnt about the problems of asthma, how to recognise the symptoms and when a casualty has an asthma attack what we can do to help a casualty,  and what we need to avoid an inhaler has been prescribed.

26.3.15   - Choking


We have been learning how to treat a conscious casualty with a severe airway obstruction.  We practised our skills first, then we used statements that had been muddled up to check our knowledge of the correct sequence.

05.03.15 - D.R.A.B and the recovery position



Our new year 6 group started today, and we discussed what was an accident, a hazard and how/if they could be prevented.

29.01.15 and 05.02.15 Young lifesavers learn CPR to save a life, using our previous learning of the DRAB sequence.



Welcome Back Young Lifesavers


This week we have been looking at what poisons there are and what action to take if a poison is accidently ingested, or gets in an eye.

Can you sort which poisons are safe (blue hoop) and unsafe (yellow hoop)

How to support a fractured arm

20.11.14 Wounds, bleeding and shock

There will be no Young life savers Club on Thursday 26th October 2014, due to the disco at school.  We will meet again on Thursday 6th November 2014.



Today we learnt what D.R.A.B means.  Ask your Year 6 first aider to tell you what this means.

Where and when is our club?

Our club is held every Thursday in Mrs Harries's room for Year 6 with Mrs Harries and Miss Boston.