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Yoga Club

Yoga club will return later in the school year.



Unfortunately Yoga will be cancelled on Thursday 14th May and Thursday 21st May as the hall will be in use for school events. Yoga club will resume on the first Thursday after half term (Thursday 5th June).


Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause,

Mrs McNamara & Miss Bezant



What is Yoga Club?

Yoga is for everyone- you're never too young (or to old) to start.

Yoga will help you to stretch and strengthen your bodies.

It helps you to relax and concentrate and is lots of fun!


Who can attend Yoga Club?

Yoga Club is open to Year 2 children.


Where and when is Yoga Club?

Yoga Club is held every Thursday between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. It is held in the hall.


What do I need?

You will need you PE kit.


Who runs Yoga club?

Yoga Club is run by Mrs McNamara and Miss Bezant


Session 1- Thursday 17th April


Today we learnt important exercises called the 'Bear Breath' and 'Mountain'. 

We always return to 'Mountain' when performing a new pose.


Mountain Pose-

legs slightly apart, toes pointed forward. Standing tall. Arms in prayer position.


Aeroplane Pose- a balance.

Legs slightly apart, toes pointing forwards. Arms in prayer position, push arms forwards and lift one leg behind you. Release arms behind back and hold.


Tip- To balance, look at something across the room


Gorilla- a bouncing movement.

Bend legs low to the ground (squat), legs apart, bounce a little here. Then lift up a little and swing arms from left to right. Bend forward as you swing.


Photos of movements to follow next week (after some practice! )


At the end of the session the teacher and children say 'Namaste' to one another other. This is a greeting often exchanged in Yoga to acknowledge thanks to one another. 


Session 2- Thursday 23rd April


Today we practiced the poses that we learnt last week.


Bear Breath (see previous week)


The Cat- on hands and feet, like a table.


The Shark- lie on your front. Hands behind you back, held together. Legs straight.

Point and lift legs as well as your head and shoulder at the same time.


The Warrior 1- Stand like a mountain. Step forward on one leg and lunge, breath in looking forward and breath out. Push back heel back down to the door. Bring hands up to your thigh. Then arms up above, push up to the sky. Try not to wobble!


Top Tip- Remember, whatever you do on one side of your body must be done on the other side too! Yoga is about balancing out your body.


Gorilla (see previous week)



Aeroplane (see previous week)



Snake Breath- Sit on you knees. Deep breath in, blow out like a snake and hiss.


Top Tip- Always remember to finish by relaxing. Close you eyes.

We like to listen to calming music to help us to relax.


As promised, here are some photographs of each pose.




Session 3- 30.4.15


Today we learnt lots of new poses.


As we practice each week, we are improving our balance and control when performing each pose.

Dragon Breath


Elephant Trunk

The Shark

The Dolphin