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Year 6

RE Task 1

Bore da Blwyddyn 6!

Following on from our lessons on the Anti-Jewish Laws and the impact these had on individuals, we are going to spend some time looking at the life of Anne Frank. Your first task is:


Watch Anne Frank: A Life in Hiding – A Newsround Special


Whilst you’re watching the Newsround Special, make notes about Anne Frank and her life in your home learning book. You will need these notes next week.


Miss Davies


Any questions you can email me

RE Task 2


Hello again Blwyddyn 6!

By now you should have made notes in your home learning book whilst watching:

Watch Anne Frank: A Life in Hiding – A Newsround Special


Today I’d like you to do some more research on Anne Frank and her life. I’ve included some scanned images full of information to get you started with your research. You can present your research notes however you like – using the Simple Mind app on Android or Apple devices, as a circle map or using bullet points are just some examples.


Miss Davies

Any questions you can email me

RE Task 3


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

Having researched Anne Frank, I now want you to consider how her belief in God might have been affected by her experiences. Write your answer to the question 'Do you think Anne Frank's belief in God was strengthened or weakened during the Holocaust?' in your book. Consider the following:


- The Nuremberg laws and how they affected daily life for Jews. 

- The fact that Jews were treated so badly even though they hadn't done anything wrong. 

- The fact that for Jews, religion isn't just about what they do, it's about their beliefs and their community. 

- People with a religious belief often have very strong trust and faith in God.


I'm very interested to hear your thoughts. You can email them to me at


Miss Davies

RE Task 4


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

Today we're going to move onto a new topic in RE - we will be learning more about Sikhism, which I know many of you are interested in!


Even though you might be feeling a bit lost and confused with everything that is happening at the moment, we all have our own identities. Our identities are made up of the things we love, care about, give time to and enjoy. 


Your task today is to show me your identity through creating a jigsaw. What will you put on the 9 pieces of the jigsaw?


Think about:

- Your name - What does it mean? Who gave it to you? Where does it come from?

- Your family - Who is in your family? What do you love about them? 

- Your friends - Who are your friends? Why are they your friends? What qualities do they have?

Your pets - Do you have any pets?

Your favourite things - Do you have favourite places/ sports/ hobbies/ books/films?

Your future - Do you have an ambition or a goal? 


I'm going to complete the task too and I will show you mine in the next task. 

Please share yours with your year group on 'RE Jigsaws' on the Year 6 Flipgrid


Miss Davies 

Any problems, you can email me

RE Task 5


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

I would love to see your jigsaws to see what makes up your identity! Today I'd like you to watch this video about Simran.


Like many religious believers, Simran has a very strong religious identity. After watching the video have a think about what are the different things that make up her identity? You can either create another jigsaw (this time for Simran) or you can list your ideas using bullet points. 

Then choose one of the following questions to answer in your home learning book - I'd love to hear your thoughts so please email them to me!


How much is our identity to do with other people, with our community?
How and why does our identity change and grow?
Are beliefs and values important in our identity?


Any questions, email me - I'd love to hear from you all. 

Miss Davies 

RE Task 6


Hello Blywddyn 6!

We're back with Simran in today's video where she's going to tell us all about Sikhism. We haven't done much on Sikhism since year 3, but you should be familiar with some of the features of the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship). 


Today we're going to do a video comprehension - watch the video and answer the following questions. 


1. How many Sikhs are there around the world?

2. How many Sikhs live in Britain? 

3. Where and when was Sikhism founded?

4. Who are the 10 Gurus?

5. What is 'Waheguru'?

6. How do men and women pray in the Gurdwara? 

7. Where is the holiest place in the world for Sikhs?

8. What do Sikhs believe about equality?

9. What two things do Sikhs do together in the Gurdwara?

10. What does the Guru Granth Sahib (holy book) contain?


Keep your answers safe as you will need them in task 7. 


Miss Davies 




RE Task 7


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

Are you all fed up of being at home now? I definitely am and can't wait to get back to school! Task 7 is going to take you longer than the previous tasks as I would like you to spend some time researching and creating a learning log about Sikhism. The rules are the same as normal, you should use an A3 page (2 A4 pages) but you can extend your page using pop-ups, flaps, information in envelopes. Remember to make it colourful and include pictures, you might even want to make it interactive with a quiz or a key word wordesearch. A good starting point for your research is to use the information from the video comprehension in task 6 - you might want to watch the video again!


Ideas to include: 

- What Sikhism is

- Where do Sikhs worship/ what does it look like/ where can you find Gurdwaras in Cardiff

- Holy Book

- Number of followers 

- Any special holy places 

- Sikh festivals

- Sikh 5 K's


Here are some useful websites to get you started: 


Please email me a picture of your learning log when it is completed. 


Miss Davies 


RE Task 8 


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

It's been lovely to see some of your Sikhism learning logs - I'd love to see more though, so please keep sending them to me!! 


During your research you might have heard of the 5Ks. Just like we wear a uniform in school to show we belong to the Birchgrove Primary community, Sikhs wear the five 5ks to show they belong to the Sikh community. 


Read the fact file below about each of the 5Ks and complete the 5Ks worksheet by answering the questions in each box. 

Miss Davies 

RE Task 9


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

This week I thought it would be fun to play a  game to get to know some key words in Sikhism. 

Download the Sikhism key words dominoes game, cut the dominoes out and time yourself to see how quickly you can rebuild the dominoes trail. What is the quickest time you can do it in? 


Miss Davies

RE Task 10 


Hello Blwyddyn 6! 

This week I'd like you to spend some time researching the Guru Granth Sahib. We know from previous years that the Guru Granth Sahib is the holy book of Sikhism. But although Sikhs treat their holy book with respect, the way they treat it is slightly different to other religions. 

For this task, spend some time researching the Guru Granth Sahib and make notes. Think about how Sikhs treat the Guru Granth Sahib in the home and in the Gurdwara. 


Here's a video and a PowerPoint to get your research started.  

Miss Davies 

RE Task 11


Hello Blwyddyn 6!


This week I would like us to consider the teachings which Sikhs live by. On the PDF document below you will find some teachings from the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, which you researched in task 10. Read the teachings and decide whether you agree or disagree with them. Then, there are two letters written to an Agony Aunt. An Agony Aunt is someone who replies to letters giving advice. Keeping in mind the Sikh teachings, you are going to be an Agony Aunt/Uncle and answer the two letters in your home learning book. You should aim to write at least a paragraph reply in length to each letter and refer to at least 2 teachings from the Guru Granth Sahib. 

Miss Davies  

RE Task 12 


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

Towards the end of the Summer term with year 6, it is normally very busy and I like to do something fun so we normally do a big quiz with prizes. This year is obviously slightly different but I would love to do the quiz with you so I've split it over the next few weeks. 


This quiz is partly based on your prior knowledge and partly based on your ability to do independent research using the internet. By completing the quiz you are giving yourself a good knowledge base ready for RE in high school. Try your best and send your completed answers to me - you never know, there may still be prizes! 



Round 1 - Sikhism


Round 2 - Christianity


Miss Davies   

RE Task 13


Hello Blwyddyn 6!

Here's the next part of the End of Year RE Quiz. It really would be lovely to see that you are getting involved so send me your answers - remember there is still the opportunity for prizes!

Round 3 - Hinduism



Round 4 - Islam



Round 5 - Judaism



Miss Davies 

RE Task 14 


Hello Blwddyn 6!

It's been so lovely to see some of you in school over the last few weeks. I hope you have enjoyed having the opportunity to come back and have your final few days at Birchgrove. 


For the final RE task, I have the bonus round of the RE Quiz. All entries for the quiz need to be sent to me by Saturday 18th July so I can arrange prizes for the winner. 



I wish you all the best in the future and hope you enjoy high school as much as your time in Birchgrove. 

Miss Davies