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Welcome to the year 6 page. Here you will find updates of all the wonderful things the pupils will be getting up to in lessons as well as important information regarding future trips and much more.


All Video and Photo Links from End of year activities

Morfa Bay 2017


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March 13th 2017


Year 6 are studying a 'Potion' given to them by Lush. Their aim is to seperate all the ingredients.



February 1st 2017


Year 6 are doing a fantastic Walk and Talk building up to writing their biased newspaper reports on whether coal mines should close or not.


December 30th 2016


Year 6 are enjoying their interactive PSE sessions run by Crucial Crew. They have learnt about food safety, the dangers of alcohol, self-defence, how to be safe in the water and around electricity.







November 23rd 2016






November 17th 2016


Lights Camera Action - year 6 have been filming their adverts for a futuristic product all week. Tomorrow they will be editing and then watching their finished adverts. What we have seen so far has blown us away!


November 15th 2016


Year 6 are learning all about fractions in maths.


November 14th 2016


Year 6 are working hard at writing an effective introduction for their story.




November 8th 2016


Year 6 are developing their initial ideas for an advert to encourage young children to eat more sprouts.


November 7th 2016


Year 6 are estimating and measuring the length and width of objects in the classroom in order to find out their area.


November 4th 2016


Year 6 are doing a Walk about Talk about on the Dream Giver. They have been given different sections of the story and are taking notes on each section aiming to piece the whole story together. They will then watch the film clip for The Dream Giver. This will then help them in their extended writing task next week.


October 21st 2016


Well-Being Club has started back again. Due to so much interest from the children they are going to be split into two rotations. Rotation one really enjoyed their first session. We had a lovely half hour of colouring and listening to classical music.



October 17th 2016


Year 5 and 6 had such an awesome time at the White Water Rafting Centre down Cardiff Bay today. They had an opportunity to try our Kayaking, Canoeing and Sit Boating. Gorgeous photos taken by Kate's Dad can be found in the Gallery or by clicking here.


October 14th 2016 - Football Matches


The Girls team won 3-0 and the Boys lost 3-2. Great playing from both sides.





October 14th 2016


Year 6 are looking at how many different combinations of half time scores there could be for a selection of Wales full time scores.



October 12th 2016


Year 6 have been working hard on their Maths Investigations today.


October 11th 2016


Year 6 have been analysing the statistics of each Welsh Football player and by using the mode, median, range and mean they have been looking at which player is best suited for each position. Move over Chris Coleman.


October 6th 2016


Year 6 are thoroughly enjoying their angle inspired maths investigations.


October 5th 2016


Today year 6 were working in groups to create their Gladiator Poems.


September 27th 2016


As part of their Roman topic, year 6 have been doing a Walk and Talk session developing ideas ready for their Gladiator Diary assessment on Friday.


September 23rd 2016


Year 6 are working super hard on their maths investigations. They need to work out the mode, median, range and mean to work out who is the best batsman out of Alistair Cook, Andrew Strauss and Kevin Pieterson.



21st September 2016


Year 6 are watching the 'Tiny Crusader' animation and practising their note taking skills. They are focussing on using smilies, adjectives, alliteration, metaphors and personification. They are taking such great notes that their creative writing on Friday will be amazing.


19th September 2016


Year 6 are writing their reports on Romans today. 


Preparing for their report writing on Monday.



Annual Profit for a Roman Trader


Year 6 have been looking at trade during ancient Roman times. They have been importing and exporting goods and using balance sheets to record their profit and loss. 


Dark Tales From The Woods


Year 6 have started their new topic on the book by the Welsh author Daniel Morden called 'Dark Tales From The Woods'. They have read 'The Squirrel and the Fox' and 'The Leaves that Hung but Never Grew.'