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Year 5

RE Task 1


Bore da Blwyddyn 5!


I hope you are all enjoying your home learning. Today I would like you to create notes about each of the 5 Pillars of Islam. You can either do this in your home learning book or print off a copy of the sheet below.


I’ve included some useful information sheets and a video link to get you started. Think about what is important about each pillar and how you would explain it to someone else. Are there any key words you need to include? Have you explained what they mean? You’ll need your research for the next task so make sure you put in your best effort!


BBC Teach: The Five Pillars of Islam (Religions of the World Series)


Miss Davies (RE)


Any questions you can email me

RE Task 2


Hello again Blwyddyn 5!


Using your notes on the 5 Pillars of Islam I would like you to choose one pillar to create a poster on. But, the challenge is you’re only allowed to use a maximum of 30 words on your poster (including the title).


Think about how you could turn words into pictures e.g. if Zakat is about money instead of writing money draw a picture of some coins. If Muslims must visit Mecca during Hajj and travel by plane, draw a plane instead of writing the sentence.


You must be able to explain about your chosen pillar with the help of your poster for our next challenge!


Good Luck!


Miss Davies

Any questions you can email me