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Year 4

RE Task 1


Hello Blwyddyn 4!


Do you remember we were about to learn about the Eightfold Path?


I’d like you to read through the information on the Eightfold Path PowerPoint and then try and explain what each part means in your own words in your home learning book.


Then write your own list of 8 rules you think everyone should follow.


I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Miss Davies

Any questions you can email me

RE Task 2


Hello again Blwyddyn 4!


I hope you’ve got your creative hats on today!


Today we’re going to be learning about an important Buddhist festival called Wesak, Vesak or Buddha Day. Wesak celebrates the Buddha’s birthday and for some Buddhists also marks the day when the Buddha became enlightened.


Using your excellent researching skills I would like you to research the following:

  • When is Wesak?
  • Why do people celebrate Wesak?
  • How is Wesak celebrated?
  • Are there any important traditions?
  • Are there any particular countries where Wesak is celebrated in a big way?


When you have completed your research you can present your findings in the most creative way you can think of. Maybe you’d like to create a poster, learning log or a book about Wesak. Maybe you’d prefer to use an app on the computer/iPad such as PowerPoint or Keynote, or you might even want to become a news reporter and create a news report all about Wesak.


I can’t wait to see how creative you have been - @BirchgrovePrm J


Miss Davies

Any questions you can email me