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Year 4

RE Task 1


Hello Blwyddyn 4!


Do you remember we were about to learn about the Eightfold Path?


I’d like you to read through the information on the Eightfold Path PowerPoint and then try and explain what each part means in your own words in your home learning book.


Then write your own list of 8 rules you think everyone should follow.


I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Miss Davies

Any questions you can email me

RE Task 2


Hello again Blwyddyn 4!


I hope you’ve got your creative hats on today!


Today we’re going to be learning about an important Buddhist festival called Wesak, Vesak or Buddha Day. Wesak celebrates the Buddha’s birthday and for some Buddhists also marks the day when the Buddha became enlightened.


Using your excellent researching skills I would like you to research the following:

  • When is Wesak?
  • Why do people celebrate Wesak?
  • How is Wesak celebrated?
  • Are there any important traditions?
  • Are there any particular countries where Wesak is celebrated in a big way?


When you have completed your research you can present your findings in the most creative way you can think of. Maybe you’d like to create a poster, learning log or a book about Wesak. Maybe you’d prefer to use an app on the computer/iPad such as PowerPoint or Keynote, or you might even want to become a news reporter and create a news report all about Wesak.


I can’t wait to see how creative you have been - @BirchgrovePrm J


Miss Davies

Any questions you can email me

RE Task 3


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

How are you all? I'm really missing seeing you all in school! Our new RE topic is going to be about special journeys. In this topic we will look at places that are special to different religions and why they are special. But before we do that, I would love to know about a special journey you have been on. Maybe it was somewhere that you've always wanted to visit, maybe it was a special holiday or maybe it was a special journey because of the people who were with you. 


Complete the grid below to tell me about your special journey. When your grid is completed you can email me a copy at


Miss Davies

RE Task 4


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

Today we will be learning about places that are special to Buddhists. Below is a short information sheet with information about different places in India that are important to Buddhists. Read the information sheet and then complete the map. 


When you have read the information and completed the map, have a go at the short quiz to test your knowledge and how much you have paid attention to the information. 


Miss Davies 

Any problems, email me

RE Task 5


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine again! Imagine if were weren't socially isolating, many people would be moving around the country and even across the world to visit sites of special importance. Many Christians around the world would be going on pilgrimages (these are journeys to visit places of special religious importance). The Christians who do go on pilgrimage tend to go to places because they: are mentioned in the New Testament in the Bible, especially the Holy Land (Israel); are associated with saints or they are associated with miracles. 

Below are the names of 3 places in the UK that have special significance for Christians. I'd like you to use the internet to research them and find out why they are a place of pilgrimage. Then using the internet, find one more place of pilgrimage in the UK. You can write your research in your book or you can use the sheet below to help organise your work. 


  • Walsingham, England
  • Iona, Scotland
  • St David's Cathedral, Wales


Email me a picture of your work when you're done. 


Miss Davies

RE Task 6


Hello Blwyddyn 4! 

Even though we still cannot travel freely around the world at the moment, it doesn't mean that places of religious importance lose their special meaning for religious believers. Today I'd like you to complete this short reading comprehension about Lourdes - a special place in France for Christians. Lourdes is the most visited pilgrimage shrine in the Christian world as between 4 and 6 million pilgrims from around the world visit the shrine each year. Since Lourdes was opened in 1860 it is believed that more than 200 million pilgrims have visited. Do you know anyone who has been to Lourdes? 

Please email me a copy of your work when you have completed it -

Miss Davies 

RE Task 7


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

This week I'd like to focus on the 5th Pillar of Islam - Hajj. Hajj is a special pilgrimage that Muslims are expected to do at least once in their lifetime. 


Watch the video on the BBC Teach website and answer the questions in the document below. 


Miss Davies 




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RE Task 8 


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

In RE it is really important that we show respect by using the correct terminology for places, objects and special customs. In this task I would like you to focus on some of the key terms associated with the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj. 


Firstly; read the PowerPoint and Diary entry. Then you have a choice, you can either make a glossary of terms in alphabetical order (use the Hajj Vocabulary sheet to help you) OR you can cut out the cards on the Hajj vocabulary sheet and play a match up game. The choice is yours. 


You can access the PowerPoint here: 


Any questions, you can email me 

Miss Davies 


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RE Task 9 


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

This week I thought we would go over some of the words we have learnt connected to special journeys and pilgrimages. I have created a wordsearch for you to complete. But, as you find each word I would like you to challenge yourself to explain what it is or why it is linked to the topic of pilgrimages. 


Any queries, you can email me 


Miss Davies 

RE Task 10 


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

Task 10 begins our new topic - looking at some of the lesser well known religions and cultures around the world. To begin our topic I thought we would have a closer look at religion in Cardiff. Therefore I would like you to choose one of the following tasks. 


Use Google Maps to find out where the nearest place of worship is for each of the following religions. I have put the correct spelling for each place of worship in brackets. Remember there might be more than one of each place of worship in Cardiff so find the name of the one closest to your house. 


  • Christianity (Church - Remember there are different types of Christianity.
  • Buddhism (Temple)
  • Hinduism (Mandir)
  • Sikhism (Gurdwara)
  • Islam (Mosque)
  • Judaism (Synagogue)



Go on a walk/ cycle/ scoot with your family. When you are out, take pictures of local places of worship - what do you notice about your local area? Are there more religious buildings for one particular religion? Why do you think this might be? Don't forget, there are many different denominations (groups) of Christianity but most churches will have a cross outside to help you identify them.


Miss Davies 

RE Task 11 


Hello Blwyddyn 4! 

This week I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite cultures in the world - the Maori culture. If you have visited New Zealand you will have heard of the Maori culture and you might even have experienced some of it for yourself - it's fascinating! For this task I would like you to complete some independent research (start with the PowerPoint below) on the Maori culture and tell me what you think of it next week in school. 


Can you find out the meaning of the following words when you do your research?








What can you find out about Maori religious beliefs?


Here are some links to help get you started: 

- Haka - 

- Poi  -   

- Hongi -  


Miss Davies 



RE Task 12


Hello Blwyddyn 4! 

What did you find out about the Maori culture? I can't wait to hear what you discovered when we're in school this week. 


For task 12 I would like us to look at another culture that is very different to British culture. Do you know what this flag represents?



It's the Aboriginal Australian Flag. This flag represents the Aboriginal people who were the first people to live in Australia before Captain Cook and the British landed there and established colonies. 


Aboriginal religion, is characterised by having a god or gods who created people and the surrounding environment during a particular creation period at the beginning of time.  Aboriginal people are very religious and spiritual, but rather than praying to a single god, each tribe generally believes in a number of different deities (gods or goddesses). A big part of Aboriginal culture is the Dreamtime stories (we will learn more about these in Year 5!). The Dreamtime stories are stories about how the world and the creatures in it were created. These stories are often told through Aboriginal style artwork. 

Have a look at the pictures below and then have a go at creating your own Aboriginal style artwork.



Miss Davies

RE Task 13


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

This week's RE task will link to your topic based task. When you have chosen which country you are going to base your travel journal on, I would like you to research the religion in that particular country. For example, if you have chosen to do Spain, I would look up which religions can be found in Spain, which is the most popular religion in Spain, are there any unique religions to that country etc. 


You could present your information in different ways, here are some ideas;

- Using bar graphs, pie charts, graphs 

- As an infographic (I have included some examples below)

- As a video - you can post your videos on Flipgrid 

- As a poster page

- In a paragraph


Remember, you should put your research into your own words to show me you have understood it. 


Miss Davies 

RE Task 14


Hello Blwyddyn 4!

We're nearly at the summer holidays - I bet you're all excited! For the final RE task I would like you to present your learning log from task 13 and upload it to Flipgrid. The link for Flipgrid is Remember to speak clearly and explain about the religion and culture in the country you have chosen. Your video should aim to be between 3 and 4 minutes. 


Miss Davies