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Croeso i'r Blwyddyn 4


Class 4C - Mrs Court, Class Teacher

Class 4H - Mrs Hall, Class Teacher

Miss R Davies Teaching Assistant.

Fashion Show Ready!


Miss Davies and Miss Risoli have been busy ironing our designs onto our t-shirts. We hope you will be able to attend our fashion show on Thursday 7th July at 3pm to see our designs up close!



Cricket Tournament at Cardiff Castle


On Friday 24th June, 10 members of Year 4 competed in a cricket tournament at Cardiff Castle. The tournament was run by Glamorgan Cricket club, with 7 schools competing against each other. The Birchgrove team played four matches against St Phillip Evans, Bishop Childs, Llanederyn Primary and Bryn Deri. The children played extremely well as a team, and won all their matches, putting them through to the final. Unfortunately, due to poor weather, the final was called off. This meant that the Birchgrove cricketers returned to school undefeated champions, and joint winners. 



For more photos from the cricket tournament, please click here

A Visit From PC Mark


On Wednesday 22nd June, Year 4 had a visit from PC Mark. PC Mark talked to the children about Stranger Danger and keeping safe. The children really enjoyed listening to PC Mark and contributing their ideas to the class and group discussions.

Anti Bullying Song



We have some budding composers in Year 4 this year!


On Tuesday 7th June, 16 children from Year 4 were chosen to write the school anti-bullying song. The children worked with Mr Grindle and Mr Williams, the Song Writing Doctor, to create a song focused on anti-bullying. The children who were in the morning session focused on writing the lyrics, based on their experiences in school, whilst the children in the afternoon session concentrated on the music. 


The lyrics of the song really made the music group reflect on the issue of bullying and consider that bullying happens in schools all across the world. The children doing the music decided to add a rap to the lyrics to complete the song. 

All the children involved enjoyed taking part in the project and are now in the process of teaching their anti-bullying song to the whole school. 

Sports Day!


Well done to all year 4 children for a fantastic sports day! Every child in Year 4 competed in the sprint, the egg and spoon and the sack race. Each pupil then had a choice between the javelin, the high jump and the long jump. The staff were amazed at how fast Year 4 could run! Year 4 showed excellent team work, supporting all their friends and classmates - well done Year 4!


Thank you to Mrs Bertelli, the PTFA and all helpers who helped make sports day so successful! 



Please click here to see more photos from sports day.

Clay Pond Life


Having observed pond life on our trip to the National Botanical Gardens of Wales during our pond dipping session, Year 4 have now created their own pond life out of clay. 




Please click here, for more pictures of Year 4's clay art work. 

Recycled Instruments


Mr Grindle was very impressed with the high standard of recycled instruments this year. Over the coming weeks, the children will be using their instruments during their music lessons to create their own music. Each class will then form their own 'Recycled Orchestra'. 



Please click here for more pictures of Year 4's recycled instruments. 

Trip to Heath Park


As part of our Big Dip context Year 4 went to Heath Park to compare the life in the woodland with the life in and around the pond. 



For more pictures from our walk, please click here

Challenge Time!


Can you identify this bird's egg that some members of Year 4 found in the playground? 3 Dojos to the first person able to identify the egg on Tuesday morning!


National Botanical Gardens of Wales Trip


On Thursday 22nd April Year 4 visited the National Botanical Gardens of Wales in Carmarthenshire. Both classes visited the Aqua Lab where they were able to go pond dipping before examining what they had caught under microscopes. Some children even found newts! After a quick stop in the great glasshouse for lunch, it was time for more exploring. Although sun was hiding all day, it was perfect dry weather for investigating the grounds and different gardens on offer. 



Please click here for more pictures from the National Botanical Gardens. 

Making Rockets with Astro Cymru


On Thursday 24th March, Year 4 had a visit from Ben and Emma at Astro Cymru. Emma and Ben talked to the pupils about space and how aeroplanes are different to rockets, as well as the forces involved with air travel. Did you know a rocket can only accommodate 3 people? The pupils learnt how atmospheric pressure pushes the rocket up, and the gravity pulls it down. They also heard about the famous Isaac Newton and his apple incident which led him to discover his three rules of gravity.  Each pupil then made their own rocket out of paper and a plastic nose cone. 

Preparing for launch off in 3...2...1...



For more pictures from the Astro Cymru workshop, please click here. 

Whitchurch High School Art Exhibition


On Wednesday 23rd March, Years 2 - 6 travelled to Whitchurch High School Upper School to visit the Cluster Schools' Inaugural Art Exhibition. The exhibition included art work from students from Reception all the way through to Year 13. Many members of Year 4 were very excited when they found their own art work on display, or found art work completed by their siblings. 



For more photos from the WHS Art Exhibition, please click here. 

Sport Relief


On Friday 18th March, everyone in Year 4 ran a mile for Sport Relief. That's 18 times around the playground! There was also games and competitions run by the Sports Council at break time and lunchtime. 



For more pictures of our mile, please click here

Science Week


Year 4 had great fun trying out lots of different experiments during Science Week! Two members from 4H have written a report about some of the experiments we tried during the week. Their report can be found below this picture. 



During Science Week we did lots of different experiments including a carbon dioxide experiment, a travel experiment and the custard powder experiment. The carbon dioxide experiment worked by putting a balloon on top of a bottle. In the bottle was yeast, sugar and water. What we wanted to happen was for the yeast, sugar and water mixture to produce carbon dioxide, which would blow up the balloon. We really enjoyed this experiment. 


The next experiment was the balloon travel experiment. In this experiment we blew up a balloon and taped it to a straw which had some string running through it. Someone kept hold of the balloon and on each end of the string. Then the person holding the balloon would let go and see how far the balloon went along the string. We think this experiment was the most fun. 


The next experiment was a messy one! We mixed custard powder and water together to create a slime. At first it was quite runny and gooey, but later it looked all dried up. However, when you felt it, it felt really soft, mushy and smooth. 


We think Science Week was the best week because all week we got to try out different experiments that you've never seen or done before. Also, you find out new facts which is really fun!


For more pictures of Science Week, please click here

4C had a fantastic day at the SWALEC Stadium where they competed in a Quick Cricket Tournament against Lansdowne Primary School. All pupils were excellent, with Birchgrove teams coming 2nd and 3rd. 



For more pictures from the Quick Cricket, please click here

Thank You Mr Morgan!


On Thursday 3rd March, Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Morgan, a Senior Aerospace Technical Support Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace. As part of their 'Flight Engineers' topic, Mr Morgan gave Year 4 a talk about the history of flight. He even gave Year 4 a sneaky peek at Airbus' concept of planes for the future. Year 4  watched a video of the Airbus A350 XWB's first flight, which Honeywell built the parts for. Mr Morgan also had an experiment for Year 4 to complete, we had to hold a strip of paper to our bottom lip, and blow over the top of it. This demonstrated the force acting on the wings of a plane. Mr Morgan also showed Year 4 an interesting website called Flight Radar 24 which allows you to track all the planes flying through the sky at that moment - it was fascinating!


Thank you Mr Morgan!



For more photos of Mr Morgan's visit, please click here

4H Quick Cricket Tournament


4H enjoyed their trip to the SWALEC Stadium to compete in a Quick Cricket Tournament. The tournament was run by Glamorgan Cricket Club and Cricket Wales. 



To see more pictures from the Quick Cricket, please click here

Year 4 Trip to St Fagans


Year 4 visited St Fagans on Wednesday 10th February as part of their 'Children of the Revolution' topic. They visited the Rhyd-y-car cottages, the Maestir and the toll house as part of their Victorian research. 



To see more pictures from our trip, please click here

Year 4 visits to Rhiwbina Library


Both year 4 classes have enjoyed visits to Rhiwbina Library as part of the Welsh 'Every Child a Library Member' scheme. We learnt how to take out books, how to access information for our homework online and we listened to a reading of Billionaire Boy. 



Please click here for more pictures. 

Year 4 have been enjoying analysing a story using thinking hats.



Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!


Year 4 had great fun playing games and dancing at their Christmas party. 



For photos of the Year 3 and 4 Christmas party, please click here

Year 4 have had a very busy day!


22 children from Year 4 took part in the Multi-Skills competition as part of the Cardiff Schools Games. The children took part in a variety of activities including; tennis, golf, football and wheelchair races. 





The rest of the year group spent the morning at Christmas Through the Keyhole in St Mark's Church.  The children got to experience the Nativity story, decorated Christmas baubles, and made a stained glass keyhole card. 




For more pictures from both trips, please click here

Please read the report below from members of 4C about their trip to the Darul Isra Mosque. 


Our school trip to the Darul Isra Mosque.

On Thursday 19th November we went to Darul Isra Mosque so we can learn about Muslims for R.E. They gave us quiz sheets so when we went around the different activities we could fill them in. First we learnt how to write our names in Arabic. The teachers got their names done too!


 Next we had had a chance to fill our activities sheets about the category calligraphy. Our next activity was to tell the man some the answers whilst he was telling us about Muslim culture. After that activity we went to an activity where you learnt how to put on head scarfs, and the differences between male and female headwear. On our last activity up stairs we learnt about the prophets. We learned that the first prophet was Adam and the last prophet was Muhammad.


Then we went downstairs and learnt about the Quran. We even got to listen to some passages from the Quran. Then we went to the next station where we collected information about Islam that we needed for our crossword. Then we went to the other side of the board to collect information for the rest of the crossword. Finally, we went to the last station where we looked at the artefacts. We smelt some perfume which Muslims wear when they pray. Then we were allowed to get some juice.





Please click here to see more pictures from our trip. 



4C Class Assembly



4C delivered a very informative assembly about forces on Friday 16th October. Well done to everyone in 4C for your excellent performances!


Please follow the link below to view the photos.




In preparation for their class assembly, 4C have been exploring the impact forces have on every day objects. They have been learning about gravity, air resistance and friction. We will explore these forces in more detail when we look at our Flight Engineers topic later this year. 


Please follow the link below to see more photos.



Carnival Masks



Year 4 have had great fun making 'Carnival' masks with Mr Grindle as part of their music lessons. Every child in year 4 designed a mask using animals as inspiration. Then each child was able to bring their creation to life using paint, feathers, ribbon, glitter etc. In a few weeks time, year 4 will take part in a Samba parade around the school to round off their Travel Agents topic. 


Click the link below to see more pictures in our gallery.


4H Class Assembly



4H delivered a very informative assembly about electricity on Friday 9th October. Well done to everyone in 4H for your excellent performances!


Please follow the link below to view the photos.

Year 4 Class Assemblies


4H - Friday 9th October

4C - Friday 16th October


9.10am in the New Hall. All are welcome. 

Dance Session



Year 4 took part in a dance session with Nicky from Hot Shoes Dance School this afternoon.


Please follow the link below to see our pictures.

Year 4 Trip to Cardiff Bay and Cardiff City Centre



On Monday 14th September Year 4 went on a trip around Cardiff as part of their current context 'Travel Agents'. We visited the Cardiff Bay Wetlands before walking around Cardiff Bay and completing a land use survey. We then had lunch in the Millennium Centre before visiting Cardiff City Centre. Although it was very wet when we got to town, we completed our land use survey for the city centre and collected travel brochures on Brazil, France and Wales. 


Please follow the link below to view our trip photos.

Golf Taster Session



On Thursday 10th September, Year 4 enjoyed a one hour golf coaching session during their PE lesson. The session was organised by Sport Cardiff and Cardiff Golf Club. The children had great fun and some of the children will be joining a golf club after school. 


Follow the link below to see our pictures.

New Context - Travel Agents



Year 4 have started their new context which is Travel Agents. This afternoon we discussed what items we would need for a beach holiday and whether they were similar to the items we would need for a walking holiday. 


Follow the link below to see photos of this activity.

Welcome Back!


We hope you have all had a brilliant summer holidays and are looking forward to an exciting year in Year 4!