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Year 3 Minecraft

Camping Challenge: Design a Campsite


Americans, just like us Brits, love going camping. Especially toasting smores on the open campfire.


Your challenge is to choose an open area and build your own campsite! You will need to place or design items you might need on your trip.


Which biome (world) would be perfect for camping? (e.g. forest, ice, desert)


Extra Challenges:


  • Build additional buildings or resources you might need at the campground.


  • Can you make your Campsite Eco-Friendly? Think about using natural resources that will leave no trace on the environment


  • What food, water, and other supplies will you need to last a night of camping? How about two nights?



Change your world from creative to survival mode (in settings) for a challenge



When you are finished, take a screenshot of your Minecraft World and tweet us or send them to Miss Oats or Mrs McNamara.



Extension Challenge:


Design and build a summer camp for you and your friends to attend in Minecraft. Include areas for common summer camp activities such as canoeing, archery, arts-n-crafts, and confidence courses. No camp is complete without a firepit and a flagpole!


A tutorial showing you how to build a campsite can be found here: