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Year 3

RE Task 1


Hello Blwyddyn 3!


Today I’d like you to refresh your memory of the Easter story. Here’s a brilliant version on Youtube


I’ll post the next challenge next week, happy watching!


Miss Davies


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RE Task 2


Hello again Blwyddyn 3!


Now you have refreshed your memory of the Easter story I would like you to choose a part of the Easter story that you can turn into a stained glass window design.


Below is a PowerPoint that has different examples of stained glass windows from different parts of the Easter story.


When you design your window you will need to try and keep it simple, the more complicated your window design is, the less effective it would be on display in a church.


Once you have completed your design and you are happy with it, you can add colour. You could add colour by using paint, pens, pencils, tissue paper – use your imagination! If your parents are feeling super nice they might even let you use a real window to create your design! (Ready mixed paint with a drop of fairy liquid should help it come off easier)


I really can’t wait to see your designs! – Twitter @BirchgrovePrm


Miss Davies

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RE Task 3


Hello again Blwyddyn 3!


I'd love to hear all about your stained glass window designs. Can you create a video on Flipgrid explaining which part of the story you chose and why? You then can explain how you chose your design and what it represents. 


I really can’t wait to see your designs – I'll check Flipgrid next week (after Easter)!


Miss Davies

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RE Task 4


Hello Blwyddyn 3!

I hope you are all enjoying your home learning - I am missing being in school and seeing all of your lovely smiles!


As part of your new topic 'Roadtrip USA' we are going to spend some time looking at Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King Jr was a Christian Baptist minister who became famous all over the world for standing up for what he believed in. Below is a comprehension for you to complete on Martin Luther King Jr to help you learn more about his life. (Task 5 will include you doing some independent research as part of this project). 


Miss Davies 

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RE Task 5


Hello Blywddyn 3!

I hope you're enjoying your Road Trip USA topic, it looks like so much fun! I think I might join in with watching a Disney film and writing a review - which film should I watch?


For RE this week I'd like you to do some independent research on Martin Luther King Jr. If you have completed task 4 (I recommend doing it first) you will already have some knowledge of Martin Luther King Jr and what happened to him. Now use the internet and any books you might have to research more about him - you can present your information however you'd like - bullet points, a circle map, a poster, a PowerPoint or Keynote - it's entirely up to you. 

When you've completed your research, please send it to me so I can see it. 

Miss Davies 



RE Task 6


Hello Blwyddyn 3!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about Martin Luther King Jr. If you haven't already, today I'd like you to listen to his famous 'I Have a Dream' speech. In the speech he dreams of a better future for the people of America - one where they aren't separated by racism. 


I think with the current situation, where we are separated from our friends and family by Covid-19, it would be interesting to see what your hopes and dreams for a better future are. I've included a sheet below to help you plan out your ideas. 

Think of a dream for a better future for each of the following areas: 


- Yourself 

- Your family

- Your class

- Your school

- The City of Cardiff

- Wales 

- The United Kingdom 

- The World


Try not to focus completely on Corona virus - if we were doing this activity in school as normal and the virus wasn't around what would you dream of - equality, friendship, eco-friendly environment etc. When you have completed the task, hold on to your ideas as we will be writing our own speeches in task 7. 


Miss Davies 



RE Task 7


Hello Blwyddyn 3! 

Following on from your speech planning, I would now like you to take the time to write your own 'I Have a Dream' speeches. Use the PowerPoint slides and the example to help you structure your own speech. I'm really excited to hear your speeches (we'll record them in task 8) as you always have such wonderful, thoughtful ideas. 


Miss Davies 


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RE Task 8 


Hello Blwyddyn 3! 

This week I'd like you to record your 'I Have a Dream' speeches using flipgrid. I'm really looking forward to hearing what kind of world you dream of for the future. 


You can record your video here   


Miss Davies


P.S. Find out how you can get involved in the next issue of the Birchgrove Buzz here.

RE Task 9 


Hello Blwyddyn 3!

How are we all? I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely smiles soon. I'm really sad we're not in school for the next few tasks as I love this little series of lessons.


In the United Kingdom every 10 years a census is completed. This is a big questionnaire that is sent out to every household to fill out. One of the sections that the questionnaire asks about is religion. From the data that is gathered about religion we can compare how the religious landscape of the United Kingdom is changing. 


The diagram below shows the most current data for religion in Wales (2011). From the diagram you can see that the smallest religious groups (of the major world religions) in Wales are Jews (0.1%) and Sikhs (0.1%), compared to 57.6% who identify as Christian. We're really lucky in Cardiff as we live in such a diverse and exciting city that we come into contact with people from all backgrounds and religions. 




The next picture shows religion in Wales (2001). If you look at the middle column in the table you can see the percentage of each religion in Wales in 2001. Christianity was still the largest religious group with 71.9%, but there has since been a big drop in the number of people who identify as Christians. 



What I'd like you to do for this task is compare the two sets of data and answer the questions below. 


1. Which is the largest religious group in 2001?

2. How many more people identify as Christians in 2001 than in 2011? (Hint: you will need to do the following sum: percentage of Christians in 2001 - percentage of Christians in 2011)

3. What is the difference between the percentage of Muslims in 2011 compared to 2001?

4. Which religions have increased in percentage since 2001?

5. Which religions have decreased in percentage since 2001?


Challenge Questions

1. How do you think the religious landscape of Wales might look in the next census in 2021?

2. Do you know of any religious groups that might come into the 'other religions' category?


Please email me your answers. 


Miss Davies 


RE Task 10 


Hello Blwyddyn 3! 

Diolch to those of you who have emailed me your work - it's lovely to see you still working so hard. 


For task 10 I would like you to explore the religious landscape of America. The picture below shows an overview of religion in America in 2016. Protestantism, Catholicism and Mormonism are all different forms of Christianity. Therefore the largest religion in America is Christianity at 73.7%. However, the breakdown of religion in each state changes depending on where the state is located within America. For example, New York is likely to have a higher percentage of other religions because of the diversity of people who live in New York City. 




Follow the link and scroll down to the map of America. Click on each state to see how the percentages of each religion changes. Can you find out the following: 


1. Which state/s has the highest percentage of Christians?

2. Which state/s has the lowest percentage of Christians? 

3. What percentage of Non-Christian faiths are found in Idaho?

4. Which state has a higher percentage of Jews; New York or California?  

5. What percetange of people are Christian in Texas?

6. Choose 5 states and compare the religious landscapes in these states.


Miss Davies

RE Task 11


Hello Blwyddyn 3!

Next week we are going to look in a little bit more depth at Judaism. Before we get stuck in, I'd like you to think about what we already know about Judaism. See if you can answer the following questions;


- What is the symbol of Judaism?

- What is a follower of Judaism called? 

- Where would a Jew worship?

- What objects would you see inside a Jewish place of worship? What facts can you remember about them?

- What holy book would a Jewish person read?

- What facts can you remember about the Jewish holy book?


I hope you can answer all of the questions above, I'm sure you can as you're excellent at remembering!

Miss Davies 

RE Task 12


Hello Blwyddyn 3!

Were you impressed by how much you could remember about Judaism? I was! This week I want to focus on Jewish symbols and their meaning. Some of the symbols you will be familiar with, like the Star of David, other symbols you will be less familiar with. 


Your task is to read through the PowerPoint slides and then complete the worksheet. You will need to draw a picture of the image (or print one from the internet) and explain what the symbol means to Jewish people in your own words. 


Miss Davies

RE Task 13


Hello Blwyddyn 3!

This week I'd like us to take a look at the Shema. The Shema is a very important Jewish prayer which declares ones belief in one God. The Shema is one of the best known prayers in Judaism and is recited as the final prayer of Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the year) and as the last words before death. 



Traditionally, while reciting the first verse of the Shema, Jews will cover their eyes with their right hand. This is to avoid distractions during prayer, but also so that when they uncover their eyes, they discover a new reality. 


Your task is to watch the video and complete the questions on the comprehension sheet. The first comprehension sheet asks you questions based on the video, the second sheet asks you questions based on a quote from the Shema.


Miss Davies 

RE Task 14


Hello Blwyddyn 3!

It's been so lovely to see some of you in school over the past few weeks. I am sure you have enjoyed being back with your lovely teachers and friends! 


For the final RE task, I would like you to learn a bit about Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Firstly, watch this video about Bat Mitzvahs. Then read through the PowerPoint and Information Sheet before having a go at the quiz. 


I look forward to seeing you all in September, 

Miss Davies