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Year 2 Sewing Club

Our Monsters!

This week was the last week of sewing club for this group. We finished creating our monsters, which were a bit tricky to sew. Luckily Mrs Rees, Mrs Barret and Miss Davies were able to help us finish the tricky bits. Whose monster do you think is the scariest?

Finishing Our Binka!

Year 2 Sewing Club had an exciting delivery during the week as our new sewing kits arrived. We're so excited to start them after half term! Let's hope we get our binka finished in time. 

This week Mrs Barrett and Miss Davies ordered some exciting new sewing kits for us to start after half term. Can you guess what the theme might be from these clues?


Clue 1

They are all different colours

Clue 2

Sometimes they have more than one eye.


Have you guessed what the theme is?



Look at how good our binka looks!

For the last few weeks, we have been working hard to practice the different stitches we have learnt on our binka. Since starting our binka, we have really improved our sewing and we now know three different stitches! 

What a creation!

One very clever member of sewing club added a zip to their egg warmer to turn it into a purse! What a very clever idea! 

Easter Egg Warmers

This week in Sewing Club we started our Easter project. We got to choose whether we made a chick, a lamb, a bunny or Humpty Dumpty for our egg cosy. First we had to stitch the two pieces of material together, then we had to stick on the eyes and the accessories.  Mrs Rees was really impressed with how quickly we completed the task.
This week in sewing club we continued into sew on our binka using running stitch. When we were finished doing running stitch, Mrs Rees taught us how to do back stitch. Next week we are starting our Easter project.                 

Threading the Needle

A new term means a new group in year 2 sewing club. This week we learnt how to thread a needle and how to secure a knot on our thread. Then Mrs Rees taught us how to do running stitch on our binka.

Another busy week in sewing club! The children's sewing is really improving and their fingers are flying across the binka material! Most have learnt how to do running stitch and have now moved on to either back stitch or cross-stitch. 

Today was the final Sewing Club before Christmas. We all finished sewing our fantastic Christmas decorations.  Which decoration do you prefer - Santa, a snowman or an angel? 


Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb! 

The Final Product!

A really productive sewing session. The children have all been beavering away on their surprise Christmas decoration. They are putting their new found skills to very good use and are making excellent progress. Da iawn pawb!!

We started a new sewing enterprise this week – it’s all a bit hush hush as the children are busy creating something special for Christmas . They have made a fantastic start and are using all their new found sewing skills. Bendigedig!

Another busy week in sewing club! The children are trying really hard and their fingers are flying across the binka material! Most can thread their needle unaided now and are trying to tie knots everywhere!

This is our second week of learning new sewing skills. The children have listened carefully and are persisting in trying to thread their needles. We are continuing with running stitch before attempting back stitch and cross stitch over the next few weeks.

Year 2 sewing club got off to a great start! We are all practising how to thread a needle and tie a knot. We even managed to practise running stitch on the binka material.

Year 2 had lots of fun creating their very own tropical fish as well as completing their individual sewing pieces.

Mrs Rees and Mrs Eveleigh are looking forward to their new group of Year 2 children starting sewing club on Tuesday 24th February. The club finishes at 4.15pm. Lots of exciting things to make!!

Beautiful sewing from year 2.

The first group of year 2 sewers have finished and they have worked very hard! They now have new skills including threading a needle and tying a knot in the thread, together with lots of new stitches including back stitch and cross stitch.

Bendigedig! Here is some of their finished work.



We had lots of fun in Sewing Club making our Santa hats ready for Christmas!