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Year 2

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Literacy 1 2 Create a Story app
Literacy 2 Bugs and Buttons app
Literacy 3 Draw and Tell app
Literacy 4 Fairy Tale Maker app
Literacy 5 Popplet app
Literacy 6 Puppet Pals HD app
Literacy 7 Teach your Monster to Read app
Literacy 8 Wizard School app


Mathematics 1 Moose Math app
Mathematics 2 Pet Bingo app
Mathematics 3 Tick Tock app
Mathematics 4 Times Table Cloud app


Coding 1 Hopster Coding app
Coding 2 LightBot app
Coding 3 Scratch Jr app
Coding 4 A.L.E.X coding
Coding 5 BeeBot app
Coding 6 Cargo Bot app
Coding 7 Daisy the Dinosaur app


Creative 1 Doodle Buddy app
Creative 2 Pic Collage app
Creative 3 Puppet Pals Directors Cut app
Creative 4 Puzzle Pop app
Creative 5 Chatterpix Kids app


Welsh 1 Byd Cyw app
Welsh 2 Cyfri gyda Cyw app
Welsh 3 Cyw a'r Wyddor app