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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Croeso i'r Blwyddyn Dau!


Class 2B   

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Class 2CH


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Books to look out for at the library this Summer!

Llwynfedw Gardens 



Diolch yn fawr to the volunteers from the RSPB who led a 'BioBlast!' session for Year 2 this morning in Llwynfedw Gardens. We were split into three groups and each group were on the lookout for minibeasts, animal tracks or birds and other mammals. We had such a lovely morning exploring our beautiful, natural surroundings. Diolch RSPB! 


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St Fagans Trip



Diolch yn fawr to all parent helpers who were able to assist us on our trip to St Fagans yesterday. We had a fantastic time looking at the historic buildings and learning all about how people used to cook and keep their homes warm and light.

It was interesting to see how easily The Great Fire Of London would have spread 350 years ago because:

  • The houses were so close together
  • The houses were all made of wood
  • Most homes had open fires
  • They didn't have a constant water supply





The Great Fire of London


This week we watched videos and looked at news reports about the fires that are currently spreading through Canada.  We thought about how we would feel, what we would see, hear and smell if we were there. 


We worked in our Grwp Meddwl (thinking groups) to record our ideas on an A-Z grid.

As a group we recorded describing words which we associated with fire. We used Ipads and the thesaurus to help us to find words such as 'catastrophic', 'flammable', 'destructive', 'raging' and 'terrifying'. These word banks will help us in our learning throughout our topic.

We also found out how the firemen are trying to tackle the fire and the equipment that they are using.



We then took a step back in time to 1666 and found out about a great fire which destroyed about four fifths of London.  

We have started to look at different sources of evidence to help us to find out more about this historical event.

The Great Birchgrove Bake Off



Diolch yn fawr iawn to all friends and family members who were able to attend our Bake Sale. We had a brilliant time and hope you enjoyed your scrumptious treats! Next week during our maths lessons we will be adding up all of the money and finding out our profit - hopefully there'll be enough for us to buy a treat for all of blwyddyn dau! 


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Let the baking commence...



Thank you to Mrs Godden and Mrs Read for helping us bake cookies and flapjacks this afternoon. They smell delicious! We can't wait for the bake sale on Thursday!


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Brace's Bread


Diolch yn fawr i Brace's Bread for coming in and telling us all about how to bake bread.  We really enjoyed the demonstration and are definitely ready for next week's bake sale. Yum yum!


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Cystadleuaeth Tatws!

Potato Competition in Blwyddyn Dau!


This afternoon we have been planting potatoes in 2CH's Garden Corner.  Over the next few weeks we will all take it in turns to nurture the soil and then whichever class has grown the heaviest potatoes will win! Pob lwc blwyddyn dau smiley


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National Test Week
4.5.16 - 6.5.16

Please note we will be administering National Tests this week. It is very important that your child is in school and on time.




Year 2 Bake Sale

    Please join us for our Bake Sale on Thursday 12th May
at 3pm in the school hall.




Braces Bread are coming to visit us - watch this space! 


As part of our new Supermarket topic, we have been learning about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

We have been designing, making and gobbling up healthy sandwiches, full of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables!




We have also been discovering which exercises make us stronger and fitter.



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2CH's and 2B's Class Assembly

Da iawn Blwyddyn Dau. What fantastic class assemblies! We are so proud of all the children!
Diolch yn fawr to all friends and family members who were able to attend.


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We are so impressed with Year 2's 3D model entries for the Eisteddfod!
It's going to be a very tough decision for our judges.
Da iawn pawb!

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Have a great Pancake Day!

Still image for this video
Here's a song to help you remember how to make pancakes.

"We are all equal!"


A big thank you to Miss Curtis who came in to talk to us today about our similarities and differences. We have been discussing what makes us unique, but understand that we are all equal.  We can do all sorts of important jobs, wear whatever clothes we're comfortable in, and take part in whatever activities interest us most - regardless of whether we're boys or girls!

A Walk Around Our Community

Despite the rain, we had an interesting walk around Birchgrove this morning. We were on the lookout for different man-made and natural features in our community. We would also like to say a big thank you to all of the parent helpers for joining us on our walk. 

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Year 2 Newsletter Spring Term 2016

Big Wide World

Our context this half term is ‘Big Wide World’.  This geography based topic teaches children about contrasting locations within Wales and overseas. We will look at how they may have similarities and differences to Cardiff and Birchgrove. 

'Big Wide World' across the curriculum:

  • Writing simple reports (including homework activity)
  • Developing sentence skills, writing and explanation.



  • Negative numbers linked to temperature
  • Position and direction


  • Filming our own weather forecasts.


  • Learning about Wales' vast landscape
  • Stories about and set in Wales

Bethel Baptist Church

We had a fantastic visit to Bethel Baptist Church. We learned all about the traditional Christmas story, played team-building games, made chocolate cornflake cakes, designed badges, re-enacted the nativity and met Lee – a very cheeky puppet!
Diolch yn fawr Bethel Baptist Church. What a wonderful morning smiley



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The last few weeks we have been rehearsing for our 2015 Christmas Concert:


The children and staff have been working so hard and are super excited for you all to see them on stage. A big thank you to all families and friends for the fantastic costumes and for helping your children to learn their lines.

We hope you enjoy the show!



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