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Croeso i'r Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to Year 1


We look forward to an exciting year ahead with you and your children.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of our team.


Meet the Team 


Class 1B - Miss Broughton - Class Teacher 

Class 1D - Miss Davies - Class Teacher

Miss Johns - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stephens - Teaching Assistant

Miss Risoli - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Coulthard - Teaching Assistant 

w.b: 20.6.16 Captain Buttons Boat.


Captain Buttons sent us a message he needed some help!

He set us the challenge of choosing which boat would be best to carry his precious cargo from one island to another.

We were given the option of 3 boats a plastic boat, a tinfoil boat and a paper boat.

Which boat would be best? We asked ourselves.

We first made a prediction then carried out a fair test of the boats in the water tray.

We found out that the best material for a boat is plastic!



Click here to see photos!

W/b 13.6.16 Our new topic!


This week we began our new topic, but we did not know what it was going to be. We found a letter from Captain Buttons and he set us off on a treasure hunt around the school to find clues to help us guess what the new topic could be. 

At the end of the day, we all came together and talked about the clues we had found. 

We found out our new topic is... LAND AHOY!!

Click here to see some photos of us enjoying our new topic!

w/b: 6.6.16 Our Ugly Bug Ball!


To end our topic we celebrated our 'Ugly Bug Ball' the children looked wonderful in their colourful costumes! Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to provide the costumes.

We enjoyed dancing, party games and a few party treats!

The children really enjoyed sharing their work with their parents, showing them what we have been doing in our 'Wriggle and Crawl' topic. 

Thank you for coming!

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w/b 6.6.16 Henri Matisse Art Work.


This week we studied the french artist Henri Matisse, we looked at different pieces of his artwork but the main piece we concentrated on was 'The Snail'. He called it the snail as he focused on creating a spiral shape just like a snail shell. We found out Matisse was a unique artist in which he used cut-out paper to create his pictures. We really enjoyed having a go at making our own snails. 

Henri Matisse -  'The Snail'


Click here to see a selection of our snails.

w/b 6.6.16 Bug Hotels!


We had lots of fun in the construction area this week. We talked about how we could look after all the wonderful bugs and insects by making them a home. 

Using different materials, and working with each other we made a bug hotel for the bugs to live in. 

We used tubes, sticks to create the hotel and even added some leaves to make it attractive to the bugs! 


Click here to see our hotels!

Bug of the week 


We have chosen a new bug of the week. It is....a Beetle.



Please help your children find out about this interesting mini beast and have a fact ready for them to share with the class after half term. 

w/b:23.5.16 - Releasing of the Butterflies


After many weeks of carefully watching we finally saw the caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. Today we set them free!



Click here to take a look at the photos. 



w/b:16.5.16 - Ugly Bug Ball 


Aidan's butterfly mask


After receiving an invitation to the Ugly Bug Ball we set about designing masks. This week we were ready to make them! We had to follow our design carefully and choose from lots of different types of materials. After we had made our mask we evaluated it using our 'Blue Hat Thinking'. We thought about; what was our favourite part, what was the trickiest thing to do and how well we did. 


Click here to see some more minibeast masks.

w/b:16.5.16 - Outdoor PE




Over the past few weeks we have learnt how to catch and throw. We have played lots of different types of games to help us develop these skills. We have been getting better and better each week! This week we used different types of equipment to improve our throwing skills...we had to throw a ball into a target. This was tricky work!

w/b: 16.5.16 - Croeso i dref tedi 




We have been problem solving! We put the teddies in different coloured houses and  made sure that the same coloured teddy didn't live next door to each other. 


w/b :9.5.16 - Animal Zone 


We had some very special visitors in school today! They slithered, hopped, crept and crawled all over the classroom and even over some of us! Take a look at some of the fantastic photos from this morning. 






Please click here to view the photos. 

w/b: 9.5/16 - Bug of the Week 






The Bug of the Week is the creepy, crawly spider. Please help your child find out some interesting facts about these eight-legged minibeasts. Remember the more interesting the better...happy fact-finding!


6.5.16 - Class 1D's Assembly 


What a fantastic performance from class 1D were all superstars! Thank you to all parents and carers who helped  create their mad scientist costumes, they all looked fantastic! The children enjoyed their time on stage and it was lovely to see so many smiling faces in the audience. 



Please click here to view more photos. 

w/b:2.5.16 - Bug Fact Files 


Last week we used the ipads and non-fiction texts to find out information about different types of bugs. We recorded what we found out using a circle map. This week we used our circle maps to help us write Bug Fact Files. We looked at the features of a non-fiction text (headings, sub-headings, diagrams and wow-facts) and used them in our writing. Take a look at some of the fact files that have been written by Year One. 



Please click here to see some of our fact files. 



w/b:2.5.16 - Bug of the Week 





This week, the  'Bug of the week' is a fluttering butterfly. The children voted and this was the most popular choice by far. Please help your child find out interesting facts about these beautiful creatures. Remember, the more unusual the better! Have fun fact-finding with your child. We will be sharing your child's fact at the end of the week (Friday 6th May).





w/b: 25.4.16 - Wriggle and Crawl 

Our new context for learning is 'wriggle and crawl'. Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about all the weird and wonderful creepy crawlies that live with us on Earth.


To kick start our topic we went on a bug hunt around the school. We looked high and low, under and over in search of these shy mini beasts. We found; beetles, spiders, ants, flies, caterpillars, snails and slugs all living in our school environment. After we decided to record what we had seen and where we had seen it on a map. 



Please click here to see our photos. 




w/b: 25.4.16 - Bug of the week - ANTS 

Thank you for all your interesting facts that you shared with us. We recorded what we had learnt using a circle map. We enjoyed listening to each other and responding to what had been said, coming up with interesting questions to find out even more about ants!




w/b: 25.4.16 - Bug of the week 

Each week we will choose a 'bug of the week' for the children to research. This weeks bug is...





Please help your child find out an interesting fact about ants. This could be what it looks like, where it might live, what food it eats or how it survives. Remember the more unusual the better! Children should have their fact ready to share with the rest of the class at the end of each week. They can write it down, draw it or even just remember is up to them! 




w/b:18.4.16 PC Mark 




PC Mark came into school today to talk to Year 1 about 'People who help us'. He told us all about his role in the community and how he helps keep us safe. He showed us his uniform and the different bits of equipment he uses like his radio and handcuffs! 


We talked about the other people in our community who keep us safe like; nurses and doctors, paramedics, lolly-pop ladies and teachers. 


Please click here to see more photos. 

Crossing the road 

Year One have been learning how to cross the road safely. We learnt about the important rules and the order in which to follow them.


Please click here for more photos.

w/b: 11.4.16 - Younger's Fish and Chip Shop

As part of our context for learning 'Community Explorers' we were lucky enough to be invited by the owner of Younger's Fish and Chip Shop to visit his shop. Paul showed us around the shop and talked about the different types of food that he sells. He explained how the fish is sourced, where is it stored, how they prepare and cook it for their hungry customers. Paul treated us to some fresh cod with a squeeze of lemon. It was delicious! 


Please click here for more photos. 

w/b: 14.3.16 - Science Week 

In celebration of  'British Science Week' we had a whole week dedicated to science. In Year 1 we were very excited to turn into scientists and looked forward to investigating, testing and experimenting. Over the week we considered different questions, carried out our own investigations to find the answers, predicted what might happen, talked about what we had found out and most importantly had lots of fun! 


During the week we learnt about:

  • Friction 
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic materials 
  • Sinking and floating
  • Bubbles
  • Gravity
  • Fair testing
  • Measuring using standard and non-standard units of measure 
  • Collecting and recording our results 
  • Asking interesting questions 
  • Explaining what had happened and what we had found out 
  • Teamwork



Please click here to see what we have been up to. 

w/b: 21.4.16 - Easter Cooking 

Easter is an exciting time of year and we have been learning about this Christian Festival. We talked about what we already know about Easter and how we celebrate it. Lots of us knew that on Easter Day we get chocolate eggs but didn't quite know why so we decided to find out! After learning about the symbolism of this festival and how Christians celebrate it we decided to make our own chocolate treats! We talked about the changes that happen to chocolate when it is heated and cooled. 


Please click here for more photos. 

w/b: 21.3.16 - Easter Bonnet Parade

Wow! What a show. All the children were excited to show off their bonnets in their own Easter bonnet fashion show. They all paraded through the school to the famous 'vogue' backing track! Thank you for all your hard work helping your child design their bonnet and for coming and supporting them....the hall was filled with lots of smiling faces and camera flashes! It was a great way to end the week before the Easter holidays.



For more photos click here

w/b: 7.3.16 - Street Technology 

We have been out and about in our local community. We walked around the streets surrounding our school looking for the different ways technology has been used. We were amazed by how much was out there! We saw; traffic cameras, street lights, security cameras, electric doors, pelican crossings and lots more. What can you see on your walk?


After we had taken photos of the things we saw on our walk, we used our iPads to record what we had seen. Later, we talked about the use of this technology and how it can be used to keep us safe. During a circle time we thought about what other types of technology could be used to make our community better. One idea was to have more QR codes that we can scan for useful information like bus time tables. 



Please click here to see more of our work. 

w/b: 7.3.16 - Observational Drawings - Houses 

As part of our context for learning 'community explorers' we looked at different types of houses. First, we went out in our local community to see what types of houses there were. Most of the houses in the area are terraced houses and they all looked the same! Then we looked at different types of houses that were made up of different shapes and sizes. Before drawing the house we talked about the shapes we could see...there were lots of different shapes! 




Please click here to see some of the drawings we did. 

w/b: 7.3.16 - 3D Shapes 

This week we have been learning all about the names and properties of different types of shapes. We have played 'guess the shape' by describing its properties, going on a 'shape hunt' around the school and sorting shapes by choosing our own categories. 



Please click here to see some of the photos from this weeks shape work activity. 

w/b: 7.3.16 - Teddy Town Problem Solving 

This week we were set a problem that we had to try and solve. The problem was;


In Teddy Town there lives different kinds of families of teddies. A red family, a blue family and a yellow family. The town is made up of different coloured houses. A street of red houses, blue houses and yellow houses. Each coloured teddy lives in their own house but the same family of teddies don't live in the same street or next door to each other. Can you work out where all the teddies live? 


We solved this problem practically and used a method to only change one thing at a time. 

Please click here to see how we solved the problem. 

w/b: 29.2.16 - RSPB trip to Llywnfedw Gardens 

In Year One we were lucky to have a visit from the lovely people from the RSPB charity. They took us on a short walk to the local gardens of Llywnfedw. There we went on a 'Bio-Blitz' to investigate the creatures that were living in the garden. We went on a mini beast hunt, bird watched and spied animal tracks. We had lots of fun! Diolch RSPB. 




Please click here to see what we got up to. 

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant - Happy St David's Day 


To celebrate St David's Day we took part in lots of different activities that included; 

  • Welsh food tasting
  • Observational drawings of daffodils 
  • Singing traditional Welsh songs
  • Circle time about 'what makes us feel Welsh'
  • Country dancing 
  • Dressing up in traditional Welsh costumes 
  • Taking part in a school Eisteddfod

We have had lots of fun celebrating living in Wales.

We hope you have all enjoyed your own celebrations for March 1st! 




Please click here to see more photos. 

w/b: 22.2.16 - Chinese New Year 


To celebrate Chinese New Year we have taken part in a number of different activities to learn how it is celebrated. 




Please click here to look at some of the photos that have taken a 'snap-shot' of what we have been up to. 

Spotting the 10 


We have been having lots of fun in math this week. We have been learning how to add three numbers (4+6+3=?) to make a total.


First we needed to spot the two numbers that make a total of 10 (4+6=10) and then add the rest (10+3=13). 




We have had lots of fun learning how to do this by playing a 'spotting the 10' game.

Click here to see the photos.