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Y6 Sewing Club

Monday 4th July 2016 will be the final sewing club for the current group. Thanks for your support. 
This Club will be run on a Monday  3.40pm - 4.30pm by Miss Jacobs, Miss Davies and Miss Willson.
This week in sewing club we started to make our felt creations. Some of us have  decided to make fridge magnet some have decided to make brooches and the really adventurous have decided to make key rings. Keep an eye out for the finished product!

Group 3 - Making skirts out of shirts!

This week in sewing club we finished turning our shirts into skirts. Some members of sewing club added buttons and a pocket to their skirts. Next week we will be starting a new project, can you guess what our project might be from these clues?


1.  They are very colourful 

2.  You can put it on your keys

3.  There are lots of these in the garden

We learnt how to sew on a sewing machine these are the steps on how to do it. 


1. Find some thread to put on the sewing machine. 

2. Then put the thread on the sewing machine and thread the thread through the needle 

3. Next turn the sewing machine on and place the material that you want to thread on the sewing machine 

4. Then pull the lever down which pulls the foot down to secure the material. 

5. After turning the knob, press the red button, whilst putting your foot down on the foot press. This will help stop the stitches from coming undone.

6. Finally gently press your foot down whilst guiding the material under the needle. 

Group 3 have made an excellent start with turning their shirts into skirts. Everyone in the group was very hard working during their first session, and came up with lots of lovely ideas as to how they can customise their skirts. We hope this group continues to work just as hard over the next term!
Group 3 of Sewing Club will start on 23rd May 2016. 
Group 2
Group 2 have been making Easter Bunnies out of different materials. Some of us chose to cut our design out of felt, whilst others chose to use off cuts of patterned material. Firstly, we had to draw around the template twice, before cutting out our pattern. Then we had to sew on buttons for the eyes, and create a mouth using different stitches. Lastly, we used back stitch to sew the bunny together before we stuffed it. 

In today's sewing club class we had to bring a large men's T-shirt to turn it into a skirt for the girls and a rucksack for the boys. First we had to draw and cut a straight line under the arms.Then we had to turn it inside out and gently finger press to flatten it ,then hold it in place using pins. 


We then had to sew the bottom, making sure to take out the all the pins as we go. Fold the material over twice, once small then bigger leaving enough room for the elastic band to be threaded, then pined it. Afterwards we sewed the material and thread the elastic band through. Finally, it was time to decorate; we cut out different shapes out of material to make pockets and then sewed them on. We also used buttons to decorate our skirts. At the end they looked amazing, we’d manage to transform large men’s T-shirts into beautiful skirts.    

There will be no sewing club until Monday 17th January 2016.  Miss Jacobs will issue a letter shortly to all those children in group 2.
Group 1 
Our final project in Sewing Club this term was to help Reception with making their own quilt. Every child in Reception had designed their own piece of material, which we then stitched together using the sewing machine. We hope Reception like their finished quilt. 

Helping Reception.

This term we have been improving our hand stitching by making Christmas Decorations, we had the opportunity to choose our own decoration such as a Reindeer, Father Christmas, Holly and Robins! This time we have been using different materials like felt, ribbon and some buttons but it is much harder to use the felt as it is much thicker to sew a needle through.

Last term we made skirts out of men's shirts. To make this we used a sewing machine and our knowledge of different types of stitching. We had to prepare the shirts before we were able to sew them, which included pinning the waistband. We also made pockets using blanket stitch, this was using a different material, a material of our choice.