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Y4 Sewing Club

Our Finished Christmas Decorations

Our Finished Christmas Decorations 1
Our Finished Christmas Decorations 2
Our Finished Christmas Decorations 3
Our Finished Christmas Decorations 4
Our Finished Christmas Decorations 5
Our Finished Christmas Decorations 6
The children learnt how to use straight stitching on the sewing machine under adult supervision and running stitch, back stitch and buttonhole hand stitching. They also learnt how to sew on buttons for eyes.  Their skills were used to make gingerbread men, hearts and bunnies and the children were very proud of their finished products!

Gingerbread men and Christmas Bunnies !

Gingerbread men and Christmas Bunnies ! 1 Mrs Mill shows how to sew on button eyes
Gingerbread men and Christmas Bunnies ! 2 Miss Jacobs helps to thread needles
Gingerbread men and Christmas Bunnies ! 3 Rowan is concentrating very hard
Gingerbread men and Christmas Bunnies ! 4 Miss Jacob joins in the fun!
Gingerbread men and Christmas Bunnies ! 5 Kayleigh and Alex sew on the button eyes

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations 1 Will it be a gingerbread man ?
Christmas Decorations 2 a love heart ?
Christmas Decorations 3 or a Christmas bunny ?
Christmas Decorations 4 Perhaps all three!
Christmas Decorations 5 With concentration like this ...
Christmas Decorations 6 They'll all be beautiful !

Our First Project Finished !

The sewing club were proud to take home their first projects this week - a reversable carry bag with coordinating pocket. Well done all of you. Miss Jacobs and Mrs Mill saw some great emerging talents and look forward to seeing you again at the start of next term.

Almost Finished!

Almost Finished! 1
Almost Finished! 2
Almost Finished! 3
Almost Finished! 4
Almost Finished! 5
Almost Finished! 6
Almost Finished! 7
Almost Finished! 8
One more week to finish our reversable bags. This week we hand sewed the pockets and made our tricky corners on the sewing machine. 

Our First Project Begins!

Our First Project Begins! 1
Our First Project Begins! 2
Our First Project Begins! 3
Our First Project Begins! 4
Our First Project Begins! 5

An Easy-to-Sew lined Tote Bag

An Easy-to-Sew lined Tote Bag 1

We are starting our lessons with a lined tote bag which the children will personalise with an added pocket and buttons. 

This pattern is available at


Picture 1

Y4 sewing club will be starting on Monday 22nd September from 3.35pm - 4.35pm.


Children have been told if they will be in the first group, which will run until half term.


We have lots of fun projects and new skills planned and can't wait to show you what we've made!


Miss Jacobs and Mrs Mill