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Weekly News

We have been enjoying our new outdoor toys from our spelling bee 🐝 money.

We have been using Jit5 to look at Sut mae tywydd heddiw?

We had a lovely stimulus day! Our new context has got off to a great start!

We have been looking at our daily routines. We have been talking about the meals we eat in the day.

What a lovely end to our context 'Scrumptious'! Thank you to our local Morrisons for providing everything to make homemade lemonade and fruity kebabs! Much appreciated!

Oh no, the tea set has vanished and been replaced by shapes! But RBC can still lay the table for a tea party!

Laying the table for a tea party- deciding what is really important!

We have been using the bee bots to get to the watermelons.

We have been busy making our own stories based on The Enormous Watermelon. We used our big voices and shared our story with our friends.

We have been learning to throw and catch the ball in PE.

Parachute fun in the sun!

And then there were... learning to subtract in RBC.

Brainy Branwens using bridge maps and sequencing Handa's Surprise in RBC

We have been taking away in RO.

We have been retelling the story of Handa’s Surprise

We have been counting using 1p and 2p

We have been blending making lots of words.

Look at our missing posters - we hope the dog returns back soon.

Problem solving - looking at Dice Magic. Ask us - what we found out at home?

We have a mystery to solve. The dog has escaped from the vets. We have clues to help us solve what has happened?

We have been looking at number bonds to 10

We have been looking at light sources

We have been making our Eco Christmas decoration #plasticsplasticseverywhere.

We have been counting out and building with 5 cubes- look at all the different shapes we made!

We have been counting how far the Bee Bot can travel.

We have been building a new road for our Bee bots.

We have been sorting out these animals into day and night time.

Fabulous independent learning from the children in the Loose Parts and Maths Areas! Can you work out their rules for these collections?

We have been finding out more about shapes through the art of Wassily Kandinsky- look at our circle and triangle pictures!

We have been creating nocturnal animals.

We have been learning about nocturnal animals - listening to the sounds they make at night time.

Lots of counting within 5 and 10 this week!

We have been cutting up scrap paper. We had to cut them at different lengths to fit inside a variety of containers.

We have been learning all about Owls and have read Owl babies

We have been playing counting games

We have been cleaning the dinosaurs in RO

What a busy week with Remembrance Day and Children in Need Day!

We are loving using our new Beebots! Thank you!

Whatever Next! Lots of lovely activities based on this fantastic story!

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that the latest Star Letter for Reception is available to read on the Information page. 

5 to thrive - completing our five minutes of exercise.

Ga i afal?? Un,dau, tri - we have started asking for snack in Welsh and counting our Birchgrove snack coins. Da iawn.

We have been putting the number sticks back together - Miss Oats put them in the wrong order!

Look at our writing! We have been writing about what we would take to the moon with us.

We have been exploring 1,2 and 3



Dobarth Derbyn have been learning all about Fireworks.


To see and download the full 'Fireworks' video click here. The video link password has been sent via Class Dojo.


Please keep this video for personal use only, it is not to be shared on any social media platforms. 


Have a look at our amazing poems inspired by fireworks!

Sound Hunt!

Bake Off Time!

Building up our finger strength in our Finger Gym!

Enjoying our new look Maths and Loose Parts Areas!

We have started paying for our snack in RO with 'Birchgrove Coins' - counting different amounts to 10

Our First Term

Still image for this video

Our maths investigation - exploring pattern and finding the mistakes.

We have been creating our self portraits.

Learning together, helping each other!

What a fantastic week exploring the story of The 3 Little Pigs!

Disco dancing to our sounds -s,a,t,m,i,p,n

We have been sequencing the story of the Three Little Pigs

Making pine cone soup and cakes in RO

We have been writing about our stick man

We have been buiding our own conker run outside!

We have been playing with natural objects

We have been sequencing the story of Stick Man

We have been learning the S sound this week

Maths Task - we have been counting from 1 -10 putting legs on our spiders

Our First Week 


This week in Reception we have been drawing and talking about our families. Here the children drew pictures of mums, dads and any siblings they may have smiley

In maths we have started counting objects, we have been counting from 1-10. Lots of the children enjoyed working with the compare bears and multi cubes.


The children have been outside on the bikes and using the construction area well. We have been building our own towers. The children have used a variety of materials to create their own towers. Counting the bricks 🧱. 


Have a look at our pictures below - lots of smiley faces - Da Iawn Reception. 😃


        First week in Reception done!

A very big 'well done' to all our new Reception superstars! You have come into school with big smiles on your faces all week. We have loved getting to know you and can't wait to carry on next week!


Handy hints and tips....

It's quite normal for your little ones to have a wobble at the door to class in the morning

or an energy dip in the day and feel a little bit wibbly. You wonderful mums have some fantastic ideas to give a bit of comfort and we thought we'd share them.

-Spray a bit of your perfume or aftershave on their jumper so they can have a sniff and feel comforted. 

- Draw a heart on their hand or on a piece of paper for them to look at.

- Cover a hair bobble or friendship bracelet with kisses for them to wear.

- Tell them that they carry you in their hearts and you're always there, or to pull on the invisible string that joins you.


The coughs and colds have started already!

Can you help us by teaching your child to blow and wipe their noses properly, throw tissue in the bin, then wash hands? 

It's obviously more important than ever that we all practise good hygiene. 

We find it useful to say 'pinch the tissue under your nose' -it helps to stop the get the picture! 

Show them how to 'catch' sneezes and coughs in the crook of their elbow.

Put tissues in their pockets.


Crafty news...

We're thinking of making junk modelling spiders next week to go with us sequencing the rhyme Incy Wincy Spider.

Do you have kitchen roll tubes for us to use please? We will have to put them aside for 72 hours so earlier in the week would be great!

If you go out this weekend we'd love acorns, conkers and small twigs for our Mud Kitchen.


Have a lovely weekend, get lots of sleep and see you on Monday!