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Weekly News

We have been getting creative in the craft area.

We have been learning ball skills with Mr Williams.

We have been scanning QR codes to find out information about different bugs.

We have started our new topic Wriggle and Crawl

Year 1 enjoyed a singing practice with Mr Williams. If you would like to make your own music follow the link below. 

The Songwriting Doctor....





Exploring shape and colour on the creative table. Looking at space and rockets in the small world area.

We have been dressing tedi twt. Making sure he has the correct clothes for the weather that day.

This week we have been looking at 3D shapes. We have been grouping and describing them in detail.

125 year Anniversary. We have been looking at toys from the 90’s and creating our toy riddles.

125 year Anniversary. We heard about how the school has changed from the 90’s. We have been writing comparing now and then.

125 year Anniversary celebrations. We have been looking at the school building and hearing how it has changed. We have been drawing them in detail using a success criteria.

We have been sharing our home learning task - what a lovely way to end our topic Teulu.

We have been learning all about Little Red Hen.

A massive thank you to Mrs Rees for talking to year 1 about when she was a little girl and the toys she used to play with.

We have been comparing old and new toys this week.

We have been creating new families with different animals.

We have been problem solving - sorting out Teddy Town.

We have been making clay faces.

We have been writing about our families.

We have been sorting different people to make new families. We sorted them in different ways.

We have been writing ‘All about me’