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Week beginning 8th June

Activities for the week

There will be a range of activities to complete in any order. You may pick and choose how many of the activities you wish to complete. 



If you are planning on using TTRockstars, to login you must make sure you have chosen the correct Birchgrove as there is a school in Swansea with the same name! Please also make sure that you are entering your login details into the Student page and not the Teacher page as this will not work. Complete the five sessions in week 3. 


Whiterose maths

There will be a selection of lessons to complete from the Whiterose with video links to support learning. You may decide how much of the worksheets you wish to complete. 



Please ensure to check your MyMaths. 



You will find a few challenges in the folders Sparkle, Dazzle and Shine. You may select your own level of challenge. 


​​​​​​​Please remember to keep myself and Miss Broughton updated with your progress. Our emails can be found below and you may also message me on Class Dojo.