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Week beginning 29th June

Bore da - what an exciting week - can't wait to see you! Don't worry if you are not coming in - you will be able to access the learning from home. If you are in school on Tuesday or Wednesday then start with some TTRockstars paper sessions, the MyMaths that has been set and the maths challenges. In school, we will be recapping column addition and subtraction. You will then complete the worksheet at home during the week. There will also be a lovely context activity of making a smoothie- looking at budgeting and cost. 


Whiterose maths (Column addition and subtraction)

We will be recapping these skills in school. On the day that you are in, we will attempt some of the questions in our math books. 



UPDATE! Our TTRockstars trial will be ending in 2 days time. We will however continue to use the sheets to practise our times tables. I will also be emailing a short questionnaire about the app for children to complete. I would be grateful for any parent or pupil feedback. Please use any of the sheets to keep your times tables ticking over. 



Check you MyMaths for any work that has not yet been completed. There will also be some new tasks to complete. 


Maths Challenges 

Please select your own level of challenge on these problem solving maths challenges. 


Context maths- Make a yummy smoothie!!! 

You will find two slightly different sheets below. One will be in the Dazzle folder and the other will be in the Shine folder. Your task is to make a smoothie looking at cost. Why stop there?!? Once you have completed the task and calculated the cost, try making your very own smoothie full of healthy goods.