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Week Beginning 18th May Topic and Literacy Activities

Language, Literacy and Communication


Larry is a compulsive liar who stretches the truth any way he can, from the telling of tall tales and jokes to dangerously misleading the animals of the rainforest as they prepare for their big show. 


Listen to the three separate clips and then follow the instructions and answer the questions on page 5-7 of the document below – Programme 2, Larry the Lyrebird. 

Science and Technology


Have a look around your house and make decisions about which foods are healthy and unhealthy – create a table of your results. Which food do you prefer? Which do you eat more of? Nikhil


IT - In Kodu make a character go through the digestive system – follow the instructions on the website to help guide you through Oscar KB

Expressive Arts


Click here for the Whole School Art challenges.


Literacy - write a funny poem about Burps Bottoms and Bile! Olivia (inspired by the book Disgusting Poems). Here is a useful website to help with poems or songs / raps.


Music – create a song or rap about the digestive system - Olivia



Find out about either diets around the world now or how diets have changed over time. If you are looking at diets over time then you could create a timeline of most popular foods / new foods. Click here for an example.  If you are looking at foods around the world then you could label them on a map. This interactive map is very interesting.  Harvey, Catherine


We’ve noticed that lots of people have been leaving fairy doors and decorated stones around their local area. Next time you are on a walk you could go on your own hunt and maybe even leave some of your own for people to find. You could even try creating your own map. Carys

Health and Wellbeing


Create a recipe for a healthy meal / smoothie – Harvey, Abigail


Daily Joe Wickes PE / go for a walk / bike ride etc

Just for fun


Make a healthy meal or smoothie for your family. 



Larry the Lyrebird