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WB:6th July 2020

It has been a fantastic week back in school seeing all of our wonderful Birchgrove stars! We hope that you have enjoyed being in class as much as we have enjoyed teaching you. This week's learning tasks will build upon the activities from school and will allow your to further your learning at home.

Fantastic Mr Fox

We are glad to hear that everyone has been enjoying reading Fantastic Mr Fox. He is certainly a cunning and clever character who makes Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean grow wild with rage! You were able to come up some great ideas to describe him so far in your defining frames which showed that you had been reading and listening to the story carefully.

This week we are going to continue with some more fun literacy tasks about Mr Fox.


Synonyms and Thesaurus Activity 1



Synonyms are words that have the exact or almost exact meaning as another word in the same language. For this reason, synonyms can be interchangeable with other words. Interchangeable means that you can easily switch out one thing for another.

Let's look at an example of how synonyms work. Look at the sentence:

  • I had a great birthday party last year.

We want to use another word instead of the word 'great.' Can you think of some other words that mean exactly or almost exactly the same thing as 'great?' We will use the word 'fantastic,' which is a synonym for the word 'great.' Now the sentence will read:

  • I had a fantastic birthday party last year.

The words 'rich' and 'wealthy' are another example. When they are interchanged in the same sentence, they give the same meaning.


Here is a video to give you some more information about synonyms:

Synonym Video


Linking to our ideas and description about Mr Fox from class last week, we would like you to complete a description of him using a Thesaurus Dictionary to help you think of synonyms. 

Click here for a link to an online Thesaurus.


Try typing in 'fantastic' and see all of the different words that you could then use as an alternative but make sure you understand what the word means. Then read through the some of the book and think about words to describe Mr Fox (you could always think about your descriptions from class) and complete the 'Character Portrait' below.


Remember to choose one of the three different sheets that will get you working in the Learning Zone!

Fantastic Mr Fox Reading Comprehension - Activity 2


We read the book up to Chapter 3 in school last week and we would now like you to re-read those 3 chapters yourself (the online text is in the link in Activity 1) and answer the comprehension questions below. You will need to read carefully to find the information you need from the text but will also have to give some of your own opinions for some questions.

Maths - Capacity

Following on from your work on capacity and measuring volume last week, we would like you to know apply the skills that you have learnt from these tasks. 


The first challenge involves a range of challenges based around capacity. You can choose the challenges that you would like to complete. They do not need to be completed in any particular order and you may choose the ones that you would like to do. Please do not feel that you need to complete them all but think about which challenges interest you and will put you into the 'Learning Zone'.

NRich Capacity Problem


You need to find a collection of jars and bottles of different sizes and shapes. Try having a look around your kitchen or in the recycling bin!


Try to answer these questions:


Which holds the most/least liquid?
Use estimation first of all.
How could you find out?  Explore!

Can you find a way of counting how many "small container-fulls" each will hold?
Can you find a better way?

Click here to go to the NRich webpage with some more information about how to approach the task.

ICT - Coding

We have been using 'Scratch Jr' on iPads to teach the children coding and programming. This week we would like them to try to continue developing these ICT skills at home using the JIT5 programming app. This should work on computers/laptops or tablets. However, if you do not have any access to these we will be continue developing the children's ICT coding skills in school so please do not worry.


Click here to watch a video explaining how this coding program works.


Click here to launch the 'turtle' programming app.


Try to make the rocket move to each planet. When you are confident doing this, try to see if you can move 2 or more rockets at the same time.


If you want to challenge yourself further, try this program to code try the 'Big Bad Wolf' activity and try to make the wolf's journey as interesting as you can.


Click here to watch the 'Big Bad Wolf' video.


Click here to launch the 'Big Bad Wolf' programming app.