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WB:13th July 2020

Welcome to your last week in Year 2! This year has flown by! You have done a lot, experienced a new way of learning and helped keep yourself and family safe by staying at home. Although this year has been a little different you have all done fantastically well at coping with these changes and should be applauded for your efforts.


Mr Warlow and I have thoroughly enjoyed being back in school getting to spend the last few weeks of Year 2 with you. We will be sad to see this school year end but know there are very exciting times ahead for you in your new classes.




Mr Warlow, Mrs Hughes, Miss Peachy and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your support over the past year. Your children have been a pleasure to teach and we have had an enjoyable year getting to know them. Although the latter part of this academic year has been somewhat unusual we have been very grateful of your help completing ‘home learning’ tasks whilst juggling other responsibilities you may have had. We have been WOWED by all the achievements your children have made and it has been lovely to see these captured in the activities they have done and the photos you have taken.


Lastly, we would like to thank you for the many positive messages and emails we have received over the past few months; your kind words have kept us smiling. We wish you a very happy, safe and fun summer holiday and look forward to welcoming you back in September. Good luck in Year 3 and remember you are all super Birchgrove Stars! 




Summer Holiday Resources 

For rainy days during the summer holidays (we can only hope for sun shine everyday!) please visit 'Summer Holiday Resources' for a activities to keep busy minds active. Click here for a direct link to the page. 



PSD – All about me...
As you will be moving into the first year of juniors your new Year 3 teachers would love to get to know you. Fill in the ‘All about me’ worksheet (see ‘resources’) and tell your new teachers and classmates important things about you. Think about what you are good at, what you find a little tricky and what you enjoying learning – these don’t have to all be ‘school-related’ things. You can record your thoughts and information using both words and pictures. When you have completed the worksheet please email a copy to your class teacher so they can pass it onto your new teacher.




Science – Plants and Seasons
Last week you learnt all about the different parts of a plant and recorded what you learnt using a brace map. Take a look at Amy’s brace map to remind you:




This week we would like you to carry on with your cress diary and email us your completed diary and what you have learnt. Next, we would like you to think about the changes that happen to plants during the different seasons. Take a look at the ‘Plants and Seasons PowerPoint (see ‘resources’). We would like you to create a piccollage poster about the seasons and the changes that happen to plants. Think about; what the weather is like, what clothes you might wear, what months are in each season and what types of plants you may see and what they look like. Take a look at the end of the PowerPoint for an example.


PSD – Positivity Jar
We would like you to write positive words and comments about yourself and your family members. Think about what you like about yourself and those who live with you, what you have enjoyed about the past year in school and at home and think about all the things you are grateful for. Write these on the given worksheet (see ‘resources’) or on coloured piece of paper that you may have at home. Cut them up/put them in your jar and at the end of the week each person can pick one out and read it out loud to each other. Don’t forget you can decorate your jar making it bright and colourful...enjoy!



If you would like to make glowing 'Positivity Jar' click here for instructions.


You might like to listen to this story ‘When pigs fly’. It is all about being positive and having an optimistic outlook. Click here for the link.





ICT - Mine Craft Challenge 




Year 2 you have been set a Mine Craft challenge to complete this week. Thanks to Amy who suggested the idea, Mrs Miles has set you a task to complete. Take a look at the challenge via the ICT Help Guide. Watch the tutorials and complete the challenge. Let us know how you get on! have fun and enjoy...

Click here for the link.