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WB: Monday 1st June 2020

Fun Fri-YAY


We hope you have enjoyed your week and had fun taking part in the Sport’s Day Challenges – you have impressed us with your efforts and all the points you have collected for your team!


Here are your Fun Fri-Yay activities. Choose none, one or do them all. It is up to you but whatever you do make sure you enjoy it and have fun!


Activity.1 – Paper Aeroplane

Have you ever tried making a piece of paper fly? Why not test out your engineering skills and create a super aerodynamic paper plane. Take a look at the video and have a go at making your very own flying machine. Afterwards, you could test how far your plane can fly. Mark a starting point on the floor, throw your plane and mark where it lands. Measure how far it travelled and repeat. Think about how you can make it travel further. What adjustments could you make to your design? Could you change the way you through it? After, have a flying competition with your family. Get everyone to make a paper aeroplane and see who’s plane can fly the furthest! Share with us your designs and how far they travelled using photos or videos. Click here for a video on how to make a paper aeroplane.





Activity.2 – Train like an Astronaut

Elon Musk’s rocket ‘Falcon 9’ launched into space on Wednesday 3rd June making space history. Click here to watch the rocket launch and click here.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut? It takes A LOT of training! Take a look at this challenge that gives you an idea of what the training is like for a 21st Century astronaut. Click here to see the challenge.





Activity.3 – Stargazing

Have you ever wanted to learn more about those twinkling stars that shine in the night sky? Why not watch some videos to learn about the stars and why they sparkle so bright and take part in some star gazing activities. Share with us what you learn about the night’s sky.


Click here for a range of information videos and activities.

Click here for a ‘crash course’ on the stars and how to spot them (child-friendly).

Click here to find ask the question ‘What are stars?’ (child-friendly)

Click here for a suggested activities for you to do as a family (for the adults).





Activity.1 – Learning about exclamation marks

Everybody loves to use an exclamation mark in their writing, it adds expression to what has been written and makes your writing more interesting. From what I remember you knew what an exclamation mark was, you could spot them in your reading books, but found it tricky to say…it made me chuckle! Watch the video and learn about how you can use them in your writing. Click here for the link.


Activity.2 – Using exclamation marks

After learning about exclamation marks we would like you to have a go at using them in your writing.


We would like you to either draw a picture of the Great Fire of London. It must include:

  • People
  • Speech bubbles
  • Exclamation marks




If you would rather not draw a picture you can print the images and add your own speech bubbles and writing. See ‘WB:1.6.20 Resources’.




Take an appropriate image from the internet and paste it into a piccollage. Then use the text feature to add speech bubbles and exclamation marks.






Activity.1 – Learn your 2 times table

As you are nearing the end of your time in Year 2 you should be getting ready for the delights of Year 3. One thing that will be really useful as you move up into the juniors is to know your times tables off-by-heart – that means knowing them without having to count or use your fingers to work out the answer.


This week have a go at learning your 2 times table with these fun activities on the BBC Bitesize website. Click here for the link and pick what activities you would like to do.


Here is the link to the ‘Hit the Button’ game that you all loved doing in school. This will help you practice your ‘rapid recall’ of your times tables. You can play it on your laptop or download it as an app on your iPad. Click here for the link to the website version.




Activity.2 – Problem Solving

We all know how much some of your like a problem to solve especially ones that really get your brain working so here are a few for you to try out. Do as many or as few as you like. Share with us your answers and don’t forget to show us how you reached the solution! Click here for the link to the questions.






Art and music - Making instruments

In school we learnt about how sound travels. Do you remember what you found out? Tell your family about what you did. You all used what you had learnt to help you make a working string telephone…we loved seeing your faces light up when your telephone eventually worked!


Take a look at this fun activity about sound and pitch using glass jars. Click here for the link.


I have also downloaded the additional ‘Twinkl’ activity card if you would like to give it a go. See ‘WB:1.6.20 Resources’.







Birchgrove Sports Day

This term we would have celebrated all your sporting talents by hosting our annual Fun Day. Mrs Macnamara has been very busy putting together a virtual Sports Day for us all. Throughout the week there will be a different daily ‘Family Challenge’.


We would like you to take part and send us pictures of videos of your completed challenges. For everyone we receive you will be awarded a house point for your team. Remember to tell us which colour house you are in (Ty Melyn, Ty Coch, Ty Glas or Ty Gwyrdd). We look forward to seeing all your efforts!


Please visit the whole school website page for more details. Click here to go to the page.




If you would like some short, sharp bursts of activity see the list below: 


Joe Wicks – Daily at 9.30am – click here

Comic Yoga – Pokemon – click here

Go Noodle – Pump it HIIT workout – click here

Super Mario Fitness Game – click here