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WB: Monday 15th June 2020

Fun Fri-Yay


Happy Friday Year 2! Another week ticked off and one more week to go until we head back to school on Monday 29th June. We are looking forward to seeing you and your smiling faces! 


Here are a few activities to keep you busy if you have completed this week's activities. Remember, you can pick and choose what you would like to do and there is no pressure to do them all or even any. Pick what like and what fits in with your routine at home. 


Lili really enjoyed the Mystery Math's activity this week so I have added two more for you to have a go at. Take a look at the 'Resources' for the worksheets and happy solving. 


Activity.1 - Math's Mystery - Emoji Code Cracker

Take a look at the activity worksheet and choose your own level of challenge. There are three different worksheets; each one gets a little more challenge so pick the right level for you and if you find you are in your comfort zone then try the next level. See 'resources' for the activity sheets.




Activity.2 - Math's Mystery - A tale of Two Feathers 

Read the storybook that tells the tale of an owl called 'Otis' who finds an unusual blue feather. Read about his journey to discover who the feather belongs to. After reading the story complete the activity and help solve the mystery using your maths skills. There are again, three different levels of worksheet so remember to pick the right level that stretches your brain. 




*NOTE; the above activities have been taken from*


Father's Day Activities 

On Sunday 21st July it is Father's Day. Some of you may wish to make a card or make something special for your Dad. 

Activity.1 - Create a Father's Day card. For ideas click here


Activity.2 - Father's Day Biscuits. See 'Resources' for the recipe card. 




Acts of Kindness

Can you remember way back to the start of your time in Year 2? We talked about the importance of being kind to ourselves and to each other. You all thought of some lovely ways to carry out an act of kindness. As we have spent lots of extra time at home with our families it might be a nice idea for you and other members of your family to carry out some acts of kindness on each other. Take a look at these suggested 'Acts of Kindness' (see Resources for activity sheet) and tick them off as you or someone in your family completes them. Feel free to come up with your own ideas and add them to the list. Please share with us via twitter or email what acts of kindness you do. 




Science Experiment - Dancing Raisins 

Lots of you enjoy taking part in science investigations - it is SO much fun discovering the wonder of the world around us! Many of our Year 2 investigations have been put on hold because of 'lockdown' and the restrictions of equipment but we are hoping when we go back on the 29th June we can carry out some of these fun experiment with you in the classroom! 


However, whilst we are still learning from home I have found you a short, fun and simple experiment for you to try. Have you ever seen a raisin dance? NO, I hear you shout...but with this experiment you can! Take a look at the instruction card for a 'how to guide' on what to do. There is also a video clip (click here) if you want to see how it is done BUT I'd try to do it first and then watch the video - you don't want to spoil the mystery of what happens! 


After completing the experiment you could;


Flipgrid - Upload a video and tell us what you did, what happened and what you have learnt. Click here for the link to the NEW topic page where you can share your findings with us. 


Write it down - Use subheadings to write about your investigation. Your subheadings could be; 


  • Equipment I used
  • What I did
  • What happened
  • What I have learnt 


Draw it - Use a sequencing frame (flow map with six boxes) to draw about how you did the experiment and what happened at each stage. Your first box could include a picture of the equipment you needed to get ready. 



Bore da Blwyddyn 2. We hope you have enjoyed your weekend even though it has been a little wetter and you may have spent a little more time indoors. Don’t forget even when it is raining putting on a waterproof coat and a pair of wellies makes you rain-ready so get out and enjoy splashing in some puddles! There’s lots to do in the rain and lots to explore. You could;


  • Make mud-pies
  • Splash in some puddles
  • Build a water dam with rocks, stones or bark
  • Measure how much rain has fallen using an old bottle
  • Go on a nature walk to see what animals/mini-beasts are enjoying the wet weather




PSD - Lockdown Questionnaires 

'How has lockdown been for you and your family? 


We have all had very different experiences during this time of lockdown. Some of us have enjoyed being around our families and have even learnt some new skills. Some of us have really been missing our friends and relatives and have had times where we have felt a bit sad. In order to make your transition back to school as smooth as possible we would like you to tell us all about it. Please complete these questionnaires with your families and send them back to your teachers. We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school and this information will help us to get the right activities ready for you.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding the questionnaires please feel free to Mrs Jones on; 


See 'resources' for the questionnaire. 





Literacy – Word endings and spelling

**Apologies if the link did not work earlier. It has been checked and is now working correctly. If you experience any further problems please do not hesitate to contact Miss Davies or Mr Warlow. Thank you.**

This week you are going to look more closely at the words you use in your writing. You are going to learn about the different endings to words and focus on learning when to use these word-endings to help you spell more accurately. Take a look at the BBC Bitesize activity. There is a video to watch and a game to play then an activity for you to complete. Click here to view the task.




Numeracy – Position and direction
This week you are going to learn about positions and directions. Positions - this is where something is (above, below, next to, on top of etc) and directions  - are how you tell someone to get somewhere (turn left, turn right, go straight, move backwards). We used directional language when you experimented with the Sphero balls in school. Remember?


This week you are going to use your knowledge of position and direction to take on the role of a football player and manager! Take a look at this BBC Bitesize activity. There are two videos to watch, a quiz to test your knowledge and activity sheets for you to do. Click here to view the task.




Problem Solving 

Continuing with a football theme take a look at this problem. Can you solve it? Use your problem solving skills to crack the code and solve the mystery of the 'Missing Trophy'. Share with us how you solved it! See 'Resources' for the activity and worksheet (Note: activity sourced from 'Twinkl'.). 




Creative – Raindrop Art
This week we would like you to check the weather and spot the days when it might be raining. You can check the weather by watching the weather forecast on TV, using a weather app on a mobile phone or using the internet to research the weather. Click here for the BBC’s daily weather forecast.


Remember when we compared the weather in Cardiff to the weather in Snowdonia? We talked about what the weather symbols meant and the two different numbers (the temperature). Take a look at the weather forecast to see when it is likely to rain.




Now, you know when it is going to rain we want you to get creative! Have a go at creating some artwork by simply using different coloured felt pens and making a mixture of shapes, lines and squiggles on a piece of paper, coffee filter or kitchen roll. Then simply leave it outside to see what happens to the colours when it rains. Take a look at these examples and click here for more instructions on what to do. Share with us how you get on.




ICT – How does a video game work?
Many of you LOVE playing video games but have you ever wondered how they work or even how they are made? In school we started learning about coding using the ‘Scratch Jr’ app – this is something you can download for free on your iPad and use at home. You learnt how to input instructions (create a code) and watch the output (the character move).


This activity takes you further along this learning journey. You will learn a little bit more about coding and what an algorithm – a set of rules a computer uses to solve a problem. There are two video tutorials to watch and two ‘barefoot’ activities for you to complete. Click here to view the task.




PE - Yoga

Why not give some gentle yoga moves a go this week? Desert Yoga aims to help you with your balance, coordination and agility. Take a look at the story and instruction cards in 'resources' and have a go. Take a photo or video and share it with us using twitter or email. We look forward to seeing your moves and poses. (Note; this is a 'twinkl' resource).