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WB: Monday 8th June 2020

Funky Fri-Yay

It’s a Funky Friday again and while it might be wet outside there are plenty of fun things that we can be doing indoors to keep the fun going. Keep an eye out for a break in the rain as well to try and get yourselves outside for some much needed fresh air. Or even put some wellies and a coat on so that the rain doesn’t even think about bothering you!

Art Club with Olaf Falafel

Olaf Falafel is very funny and also a very good artist. He has started his own online YouTube Art Club especially for school children to learn about artists, pick up new skills, draw some great characters all while having a laugh!


Click here to go to his YouTube show and activities.

Floaty Boats

Using just 1 sheet of paper and some paperclips design a raft that will hold as many coins or marbles as possible. You can download the activity card here to help you.


Click here for a link to the information about this challenge.




Beth sydd yn y bag? - What is in the bag?

Using your senses put some objects, such as a hairbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a packet of biscuits, an ice cream scoop, a packet of tissues and a wooden spoon into a bag. You will also need something to act as a blindfold. Use your senses to feel what is on the bag. Play with a partner and see who guesses most of the objects.

Cool dudes keeping cool

Keeping cold drinks cold

Which cup is best at keeping your cold drink cold in the summer? A glass, a mug or a plastic cup?

Place an ice-cube in your drink and see which one stays frozen the longest. What other cups could you test?

Straw Rockets

Straw Rockets are a fun way to see if you can make a rocket blast off! You only need a few materials including Paper Tape, Scissors and of course, a straw!


The website you can find by clicking here gives you a link to some instructions and has printable rocket designs, although why not try making your own?

PE and Dance Fun



This week we are going to be focusing on the 'Past Tense'. The past tense is used when we are talking or writing about something that has already happened. Watch this video to explain a bit more about the differences between the past, present and future tenses:


There is a PowerPoint to work through which will further develop your knowledge about how to change writing into the past tense and then we would like you to choose one of the challenges below which link the Great Fire of London to the past tense. Remember to choose a challenge that will put you into your growth mindset 'learning zone'.


Extra challenge


Write a description about what you would have seen after the fire had finally been put out using the past tense. You could use vocabulary such as I saw..., There had been..., I looked at..., I touched...  


You could also draw a picture of the scene at the end of the fire as London looks like it has been burnt with some buildings still smoldering with smoke and think about how you could use a pencil to give a 'smudged' and smoky tone to your art.

Great Fire of London Reading Comprehension


To continue to practise and develop your reading skills we would like you to try reading through the passage about the Great Fire of London below. If you come across any words that you are not sure of, remember to use your reading skills to help you. Try to use your phonic sounds or read around the word to think about what might make sense.


Then when you have read the question, carefully skim and scan back through the information to find out what you need. Look at key words from the questions and try to find where they are in the text. Do not scroll through the pages to check the answers until you have had a go at answering the questions yourselves. You can then look at the answers to see if you were correct!


There are 3 different versions of the diary for you to choose from. Pick one that puts you into the 'learning zone' and challenges you to try your best to find the information.

Recipe for a good friend


Lots of us are missing our friends at the moment and it is always important to be a good friend to others. For when we get to see our friends again we should remember what it takes to be the best friend that we can be.


Read the recipe below and then try to think about what you would put in a recipe to be an excellent friend based upon the recipe format that we used when we made pancakes back in school.

Maths - Right Angles and Directions

This week we are going to be looking at shape, and in particular right angles. We will also be learning about directions and how this can be linked to shapes and right angles.


Read through the PowerPoint below to refresh your understanding of 2d shapes and also to explain what a right angle is.

Using the shapes shown below, try to classify them according to the criteria that is asked. Think about which section a particular shape should fit into. Would it be in more than one of the sections or would it just be organised into one area. Think about which challenge you would like to try.



What are directions? Why are they important? What would happen if we didn't use any directions?

Watch this clip below to explain a bit more about directions and why we need them:


Here is another video clip to explain more about North, South, East and West:


To combine what you have learnt about right angles and directions we would like you to choose one of the challenges below to find your way around the town using right angles and directions. Think about which challenge will activate your growth mindset to get you into the 'learning zone'.


Estimation Station

World Ocean Day

It is World Ocean Day on 8th June and there are a huge range of school appropriate activities for you to try out if you would like to. Have a look at the website below and watch some of the videos and try out some challenges to help us realise how vitally important the oceans are to us.


We really need to look after them and maybe you can think about why we should and explain it to us on the 'Dear Diary' section of Flipgrid. We would love to hear your ideas about how we can help save and preserve our oceans!


World Ocean Day for Schools Website - Click here.

Art and Design

This art based challenge is based around the  CBeebies series Pablo

There is a video to watch which includes a selection of drawing exercises – drawing along with Bob Price, Pablo’s Art Director.

While there are worksheets with exercises, if you are unable to print them you can use a blank piece of paper and create your own version. All you will need are some pencils, crayons, paper and most of all, ideas!


Click here to go the page with the art challenge


Train like an astronaut!


Your mission:

When astronauts go into space and return to Earth, they experience challenges with balance and body control due to changes in gravity. When they leave the Earth, their bodies adjust to little or no gravity. Upon return, their bodies have to re-adjust to Earth’s gravity. The agility course is used to measure balance, footwork skill and agility in response to gravity changes.


You will complete an agility course as quickly and as accurately as possible to improve agility, coordination and speed. 


If you do not have cones, simply use anything you like as a 'marker'. It could be anything from a flowerpot to a cushion!