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WB: 22nd June 2020

Funky Fri-yay 

We hope that you have had an enjoyable week. It has been great to see your work and thanks for your emails!


Miss Davies and I have been particularly impressed by your Samuel Pepys diaries and Maths problem solving. We are very excited about our return to school and it will be wonderful to see you all next week! The school will look slightly different as you can see from the photos that we have uploaded for you, but having been in school this week, we have made sure that it will still be lots of fun with lots of interesting things to do and talk about.

Jeddah Tower Challenge

In 2020 the new world’s largest tower will be the Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia. It will have 200 floors and will the reach 1008 meters high.


Use scrap paper and junk box materials to build a tower. You might like to search for photos of the ‘Jeddah Tower’ to help you with your design. What is the tallest tower you can build?


It would be fantastic if you shared your tower with us on Flipgrid!

Brilliant Bodies - Reaction Tester


Try testing your body by seeing how long you can balance for or make a reaction tester to see how good your reactions are.


Download a reaction tester by clicking here.


Try out some fun games, songs and other activities on the Cyw website.


There's lots to see and try out.


Click here to go straight to it.

Galaxy Pugs Game

The Galaxy Pugs are on a mission to explore planet Earth and they need your Science skills to succeed. Help the pugs observe Earth’s animals, learn how to grow plants, study the human body, experiment with materials, explore our planet’s habitats and find tiny invertebrates hiding in a pond!


Collect mission badges and unlock shiny new upgrades to customise your pug ship. The more missions you complete, the more you can customise your ship!


Click here to go and find the Pugs.

Art Club with Olaf Falafel

Olaf will teach you about Pointilism and how to draw Pirate Parrots in this edition of his Art Club. He will make you laugh and give you some great ideas to improve your art skills.


Click here to go to his Art Club.

Go Noodle Indoor Recess

Click here to try out a Go Noodle Indoor Recess Challenge.


Hello Blwyddyn Dau. We hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and have recharged your batteries ready for our last week of learning about the Great Fire of London. When we start the return to school next week we will be starting a new 'mini-context', but don't worry, we'll be talking about all the home learning that we've been doing and will be discussing the Great Fire of London.


We have been busy in the classroom and are all ready for us to go back on Monday 29th June. Take a look at our new classroom layout. It is a little different but the most important things; you, your classmates and your teachers will be there with BIG smiles to greet you each day.


2D's Classroom




2W's Classroom




Samuel Pepys' Diary


We have had a chance to look at the famous diary of Samuel Pepys a few weeks ago which is one of the main ways that we found out about what happened during those few days of 1666 while the fire raged through London. It is now your turn to pretend that you are Samuel Pepys and are back in 1666. You will need to use all of your literacy skills to write a diary about what happened each day. You can write it in your own words, so while it is worth re-reading the original diary for ideas, try to put your own 'spin' on the diary by including any extra information that you can think of based on what you have learnt about the Great Fire or that might be interesting for the reader.


Remember that it is very important that a diary is written in the 'first person', so you will write 'I' as if you were there. For example, I saw the flames dancing upon the buildings as they burnt down. You have a choice of 3 success criteria below with a range of different skills that you should include. Choose one that puts you into the learning zone to challenge yourself. Remember to organise your writing into each of the different days, such as:


Sunday 2nd September 1666

My maid, Jane, woke me at 3 o' clock this morning. I slipped on my nightgown and outside she pointed to a great fire in the centre of London!


Below you can find a copy of the diary, some pictures to help give you ideas about each day, and the different success criteria you can use to challenge yourselves.


Click here for a video of London in 1666 just before the fire.


Click here for the 'Magic Grandad' BBC clip about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire.

Recipe for the Great Fire of London

We really enjoyed reading your recipes for a good friend recently. They were very thoughtful and showed that you are all excellent friends. Using what you now know about creating recipes, we would like you to make your own recipe about how to create a great fire that could cook London!


Watch this Horrible Histories video about how to cook London by clicking here.


Using some of the ideas from the video and combine them with your own to think about using some connectives, along with 'bossy' and instructional verbs to explain how the fire could be created. 


There are some words to help you below and a choice of 2 different recipe sheets. Choose the one that will put you into the 'learning zone' and see if you can think of how to cook London!



Great Fire of London - Cracking the code

Can you become a Great Fire of London code breaker? Can you use your skills to solve a problem? Can you apply your maths skills in a Great Fire of London context?


If the answer to any of the above is yes (which I am sure it is) then have a go at the code breaking challenge below:

Maths - Problem Solving and Thinking Challenges

This week we would like you to try and develop your thinking maths skills. NRICH is a wonderful website that is full of a range of different problem solving activities. We are going to focus on some number problem solving activities to see if you can think flexibly and apply the maths skills that you have been busy learning during Year 2. 


Each page on the links below has a menu on the left of the screen which gives you the problem, ideas on how to get started, additional resources and the solution for you to check when you have had a go at reaching your own way of solving it.


Tug of War - Click here

Here is a game for two players. Why not play against your parents or brothers or sisters?
You will need a counter (or something similar), paper and two 1-6 dice.
One player is called 'Plus' and the other is called 'Minus'. Decide who is who.
Plus moves the counter from left to right and Minus moves the counter from right to left. 
Take it in turns to throw the two dice and add up the two numbers.


Buzzy Bee - Click here

Buzzy Bee was building a honeycomb. She decided to decorate the honeycomb with a pattern using numbers. Can you discover Buzzy's pattern and fill in the empty cells for her?


Five Steps to 50 - Click here

This challenge is about counting on and back in steps of 1, 10 and 100.

Roll a dice twice to establish your starting number - the first roll will give you the tens digit and the second roll will give you the units digit.
You can then make five jumps to get as close to 50 as possible.
You can jump forwards or backwards in jumps of 1 or 10 or 100.


Next Domino - Click here

Which comes next in each pattern of dominoes?


Domino Number Patterns - Click here

Can you work out the domino pieces which would go in the middle in each case to complete the pattern of these eight sets of three dominoes?


100 Square Jigsaw - Click here

Complete the jigsaw of the 100 square.


Read and Draw

This task will combine your art and reading skills. You will first of all need to carefully read the instructions that you have been given. Then look at your grid. You will enter through one end and then draw what you see. Choose a reading level that suits yet also challenges you. There are also some picture examples to give you ideas but be as creative as you like with your drawings, you could even try drawing some bigger versions on other sheets of paper to create your own zoo.



The weather forecast is looking good this week with lots of sunshine promised it's a great idea to get outside for as much fresh air as possible so any outdoor activities you choose to play or take part in will be fantastic. Enjoy riding your bikes, scooters, playing some sports or even just having a nice walk around the park or your garden.


Below are some links to PE ideas that you might like to have a go at, along with an idea for developing your ball skills and co-ordination.


Cosmic Yoga - Star Wars  Click here

Cosmic Yoga - Frozen Click here

Cosmic Yoga - Minecraft Click here

Cosmic Yoga - Moana Click here