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Lots of you want to find out more about how the human digestive system works. 

These are some of your Pupil Voice suggestions and questions:


  • How do the intestines digest food? 
  • How long does it take for the food you eat to come out of your bottom?
  • How does the stomach protect itself from acid?
  • What is the acid called that is found in the stomach?
  • How powerful is that acid?
  • How long are your intestines?
  • How does your body convert food into energy?
  • What do we use bile for?
  • What is the function of the small intestines and the big intestines? 
  • Predict how the digestive system works. 
  • Find out how to look after your digestive system. 
  • Label parts of the digestive system. What foods are absorbed and why?

(From Bella, Evie, Bash and Catherine)


We have already looked at how the digestive system works, but you can always deepen your understanding. 

Watch the video and use the website and Powerpoint above to help you find out more. 


Here are your choices of activities for today. Remember, you can always do more than 1 of these and we would love to see your work. 


Fantastic – complete the reading test comprehension on how the digestive system works. The answers are at the bottom of the sheets if you scroll down. 

Amazing – Answer the questions above in your own words. You can present the information in any way that you would like (a poster, a list of answers, a PPT etc)

Brilliant – label the digestive system using the sheet above and add extra information to describe how all of these organs work.