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A very popular suggestion was looking at burps (Thanks Zac, Olivia, Evie and Catherine)


Fantastic - Create an experiment to find out what foods and drinks are more likely to make people burp and why? What ingredients are in these foods and drinks?  Once you have your results create a bar chart and an information clip - roleplay being a scientist and presenting your findings in a news report. You could write this or record a video. 


Brilliant – Find out what makes us burp? Do you swallow air when we drink? Why do we burp when we drink fizzy drinks? Present your information in a news report. This could be written or on video.


Amazing - drink about a pint of water quickly and see how many burps they can do in a minute. Use a tally chart and graph to record. Repeat with different drinks and draw a conclusion about which drinks make us burp more.