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Hello Year 4,  we hope you enjoyed learning about the weather last week.  We received some fantastic work from you, some of which we Tweeted.  The weather forecasts on FlipGrid where very professional, watch out Derek Brockway!  In their weather report, Grace and Luke suggested that we might want to get our swimming pools out, they might just be right!  This week looks like a scorcher! 

Harvey suggested writing a postcard, as one of his 'Pupil Voice' ideas.  This week we are learning about St. Lucia.  So once you have learnt all about St. Lucia you might want to write a 'postcard' home, telling everyone what it is like.  There is also a fun science activity, for those of you who would like to try something practical.  Have a lovely week and enjoy the sun.    



Task - Where is St Lucia?              Focus: Reading and Geography


  • Open Document 1 - Where in the world?                                                                          Read this document to find out where St. Lucia is located.
  • Open Document 2 - St Lucia PowerPoint                                                               (This PowerPoint can be used throughout these activities on St Lucia.)                       Go to slide 5 - here there is a map of St. Lucia.                                                        
  • Task - Draw a map of the island by hand. Label the capital and some of the other locations on the map, such as the mountains and the Pitons - Slides 6 & 7. 
  • Extension - write a paragraph about St. Lucia, using your research and the information in Document 1 slide 12.

Task - Wales and St. Lucia - How are they similar and different?        


  • Open Document 3 - Wales and St. Lucia      Read about Wales and St. Lucia.   Think about how they are similar and different.  You can present your information in a table as shown in Document 3 Slide 27.  Or you can present your information in another way of your choosing e.g. a Venn Diagram or a written report.

Task - What is St. Lucia known for? 


  • Open Document 4 - What is St. Lucia known for? and read it (if possible use the PowerPoint rather than the PDF, although this is not essential).  Draw and colour the St. Lucian flag in your book.  Explain what each part of the flag means.  
  • Or create your own flag about yourself.  Explain what each part represents.

Task - Fairtrade in St. Lucia


  • Document 5 - Bananas are grown in St. Lucia and sold to other countries around the world.  Many farmers sell their bananas through the Fairtrade scheme.  Read Document 5 to learn about a Fairtrade banana farmer in St. Lucia.  Then write a menu for a cafe that uses mostly Fairtrade food and drinks.  Using Google, search 'Sainsbury's Fairtrade' to get some ideas. 
  • OR  Document 6 - Complete one of the differentiated reading comprehensions about Fairtrade. Make sure you are in your learning zone (not too easy or too hard).

Task -  Tourism in St. Lucia


  • Watch the video below about St. Lucia as a tourist destination.
  • Document 7 - Read about tourism in St. Lucia.
  • Write a postcard home from St. Lucia telling your friends or family what you have been up to.  

For Fun - Science, Design and Technology Task 


  • Watch the video below on why triangles are a strong shape.
  • Use marshmallows and spaghetti (or cocktail sticks and gummy sweets) to try to make a strong structure that is made up of triangles. Can your structure hold up an object?  What is the heaviest object it can hold up?  Send us your photographs or videos!   

To listen to our class story please click on this link and use your FlipGrid password. 

Hidden competition for any Scrumdiddilyumptious Year 4 Gizzardgulpers!


Some documents from Twinkl. 

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