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Hello everyone,  we hope you are all well and had an enjoyable weekend.  We loved receiving all your work last week and were particularly impressed with all your lovely tourist leaflets.  We have listened to your 'Pupil Voice' ideas.  Last week we used Catherine's suggestion to create a leaflet to make someone want to visit somewhere.  We also used Nikhil's idea to learn about Cardiff (and compare it to another capital city such as Barcelona).  We will be doing the second half of that idea later on in our topic.  This week we will be using Oscar KB's suggestion to compare the weather in Cardiff to that of New Delhi in India and other countries.  After some very dry and warm weather, it's been rather rainy, so may you decide to make a water gauge, which we've suggested below.  If you have not sent in your 'Pupil Voice' ideas, it's not too late, please do.  Finally, the questionnaire below will count as one of the weekly tasks.  We have added extra tasks, so you can choose the tasks that suit you. Have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing your work.  


'How has lockdown been for you and your family? 


We have all had very different experiences during this time of lockdown. Some of us have enjoyed being around our families and have even learnt some new skills. Some of us have really been missing our friends and relatives and have had times where we have felt a bit sad. In order to make your transition back to school as smooth as possible we would like you to tell us all about it. Please complete these questionnaires (below) with your families and send them back to your teachers. We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school and this information will help us to get the right activities ready for you.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding the questionnaires please feel free to Mrs Jones on'

Task - Plastics Plastics Everywhere Project


Cool Seas Explorers: Author chat with Jo Earlam

Tuesday 16th June, 11-11:45am approx


Jenny from the Marine Conservation Society (you've all met her) will be interviewing Jo Earlam...  


Jo Earlam is an author, Sea Champion, and former journalist, and wrote her book Tuamor the Turtle to highlight the plastics problem in a way that children can easily understand. In this session she’ll be sharing her creative process for Tuamor and will discuss the steps we can all take to make a positive difference to our ocean.

Follow up activities will be provided and there will be an opportunity to ask Jo questions.


To get the most from this session, please watch Jo’s reading of the book in advance of the session at


To register for the webinar click on this link...

Task - Keep a weather diary for the week. 


1. See Document 1 below - you can draw this out or print it off. 

2. Watch this clip Making Weekly Weather Recordings  -  you'll need to make daily recording (not weekly).  

3. If possible take your measurements at the same time every day.  You may want to set a timer for this. 

4. You can collect much of your data from the BBC weather website.  Click on the vertical time slots and you can also see the air pressure.  Below is information on how to make instruments that will measure the rainfall (in cm) and wind direction.

5. Instructions on how to make a rain gauge and weather vane are in Document 2 below or The Met Office have instructions too. 

Task  -  The climate in other countries around the world


1. Watch the video, read the information and complete the quiz on this BBC Bitesize page called Weather and Climate.

2. Research the climate in different countries around the world.  See Document 3 below.

3. Using a map of the world, Document 4 below,  label some of the countries in Document 3 on the map and write a few words describing their climate.

4. Extension - Do you notice anything about the location of the places and their climate when you look at the world as a whole?

Task  -  What is weather?


1.  Do some reading and research on weather Click here. Complete the quiz.

Task  -  The Water Cycle


1.  Read the PowerPoint about The Water Cycle - Document 5 below.

2. If possible complete one of the following activities:

  • Create a mini water world - Document 6 below.
  • Complete the water cycle in the bag activity - Document 7 below.
  • If you have a printer - Make a water cycle wheel (there are three different levels from easy to hard - to choose from.) Document 8 below.

Task  -  Present a weather forecast.


1. Watch these two short films by weather forecasters.

2.  On the second link there is some information you will need to read on 'How to create your own weather story'.

3.  Pick a location, anywhere in the world, report the weather for this location.

Weather forecasts are broadcast on the radio and tv, as well as being printed in newspapers and available online, these are all different types of media.  Create your own weather story/forecast using any medium you like.  Examples: record yourself as if on the radio; write a short weather forecast that might be in a newspaper you could include a weather map, or film yourself presenting the weather and upload it to FlipGrid - here's the link

These are just a few ideas, you can be as creative as you'd like.  

Fathers' Day -  Sunday 21st June

Don't forget to make a fathers' Day card for your dad, granddad or for someone who is special to you!

Here are some ideas for you...

To listen to our class story please click on this link and use your FlipGrid password.


Worksheets from Twinkl.