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Wednesday, 6th May


Water/Drink Diary


Last week we asked you to keep a record of how much water/liquid you drank each day in ml.  Today we would like you to represent your data in a chart of some kind.  You have the choice of:



If you have an iPad you can use the Numbers App (we have used this in school) or if you have MSWindows you can use Excel .  Input your data for each day and create a chart of your choice.  You can either complete a 'Blank' grid or use 'Charting Basics' in the Numbers App. 

In a 'Blank' grid, type the days of the week across the top, writing your data in the cells below.  In Excel highlight all the cells and then click on 'incert' and pick a chart from the menu.  In Numbers highlight all the cells, click on 'cell' then 'create new chart', pick your chart.  You can then save or take a screen shot of your chart and email it to us!



Draw a bar chart in your exercise book.  You will need to label the y and x axis,  think carefully about the scale, colour in the bars neatly and give your bar chart a name.  The scale is how many ml one line or square be worth.  

Now write some questions for someone to answer about your bar chart.  Examples: On which day did I drink the most water?  What is the difference between how much water I drank on Tuesday and Wednesday?  How much water did I drink altogether? 



Complete Fantastic, then write instructions explaining how to draw a bar chart.  Remember to use words like, First, Then, Next, After that and Finally.