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Tuesday, 5th May


Food Diary


Last week we asked you to keep a food diary.  First of all we would like you to read about healthy eating on the attached Powerpoint 'Eatwell Guide' or on the 'Balanced Diet Information' link below.

Now use the website above and the internet to research some of the foods in your diary (or use the foods listed below, if you didn't write a food diary).  What nutrients are in these foods?  Why are they good for you?  Which food should you eat in moderation? Present the information in your exercise book.  You may want to make a table or just write sentences about each food.


A list of foods:






ice cream


You can check if you are eating a healthy diet, by completing the 'My Own Eatwell Guide'.  For this you need to record how many of each food group you ate, then work out your percentages (explained on the sheet).  A portion for each food group, is about 1 handful.