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Thursday, 30th April


Investigating Teeth


Nikhil and Abigail both mentioned animals in their pupil voice suggestions.  So today you will be watching a short video about called 'Teeth - How they help animals eat'. 


Click on the link below to watch the video about teeth.

Choice of task  –  pick one



Think about what you have learnt in the video and read the information on the 'animal teeth' link below.  Then answer the questions in full sentences in your exercise book.

Animal worksheet above from Twinkl.


Carry out the egg experiment shown in the video above.  Then write out your experiment in the format shown below.  Wait 3 days, then take the eggs out of the liquids and record your results.  Are your results the same as in the video?


Research the terms omnivore, herbivore and carnivore – find out how these animals’ teeth are different and why.  You can present your findings as a PowerPoint or as a written 'fact file'.