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The Papaya that spoke – rewrite a traditional story (Oscar)


What is a traditional tale? E.g. Gingerbread Man – can you think of any others? 

Read story - ‘The Papaya that Spoke’.

Have you heard it before? It is based on a traditional Ashanti tale from Ghana in West Africa and today we are going to retell the story using actions.  Watch this clip of children retelling the story using ‘Pie Corbett’ actions:


Session 1 - Retell the story using the actions. (You could film yourself doing this if you’d like. Maybe you could even get other members of your family involved)


Session 2 – Edit the extract from the story. 

See colour key on the document. What else could we do to make the story our own? E.g. change setting/things.  


Session 3 - Create your own version of the story by changing a few of the details – look at the PPT to see what you need to change and to show an example of a story map. 



Session 4 – rewrite your own version of this traditional tale. Make sure you share it with us either by showing us a photo or recording yourself performing / reading it. 



Activity 1 - Compare Wales and Spain (Nikhil)

Use the sheets below to help you compare Wales and Spain. You don’t have to print the sheets, you could just use them as starting points for things to compare. If you want to, this activity would work well as a double bubble map. 

Alternative version: Use the sheets as a guide still, but compare Wales to a country of your choice. 


Activity 2 – Complete the questions about Cardiff on the sheets below (they are the same sheets as for the art activity). 1 * is the simplest, 3*s is the most challenging. The answers are also available once you have completed your research. You don’t need to print the sheets although the map may be useful to have in front of you. 


Activity 3 – Learn something new about your local area and record it however you see fit. The sheet is there as a prompt, but you do not need to print it. 

Health and Wellbeing


Have a go at some of the Yoga and Joe Wickes activities below. 

Expressive Arts


Activity 1 

Have a look at the landmarks of Cardiff on pages 4 and 6 of the sheets. Choose one to replicate. watch video of Ken Done’s simplistic landscape drawings. Try to create your own version using whatever art materials you have at home and replicating one of the Cardiff landmarks.


Activity 2 

Look at the PPT of art below. How do you think the background is achieved? Pastels / water colour wash etc. What about the foreground?  Black paper / charcoal / paint

Look at artwork by Gakonga (Kenya) – What do you think about his work? Look at his use of colour whether it is bright or subtle does it set a mood in the picture? 

Using the Gakonga pieces as inspiration. Plan a piece of work with an African theme. Plan in pencil on A4. Think about the materials or colours you may use to make your piece of work come alive. 

Begin to piece together artwork. Adding colour and materials. 

Choose the style of painting you would like to complete. 

Fantastic – sky scape

Amazing – silhouette pictures

Brilliant – patterned background

James and the Giant Peach

To listen to our class story please click on this link and use your FlipGrid password.