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Topic / Literacy

This week’s home learning task is to create a travel journal for a country of your choice. Have a look at this video to see one way you could present this.

You could choose to use a new little notebook if you have one, or make your own booklet from folded paper or even continue to use your workbooks if they aren’t full. 


Step 1: Choose a country you would like to focus on for the week. 

Step 2: Create a cover page showing your name and Travel Journal title with images.

Step 3: Create an opening page showing the location you are visiting and the dates – look at the mini calendar example in the video. You can choose your own dates for your holiday.

Step 4: Create a research page showing the type of money, main tourist attractions, weather and any other facts you find interesting about the location. 

Step 5: Write a to-do list and packing list for your trip.

Step 6: Write an itinerary for your holiday including predicted weather – you might want to look at popular tourist attractions in order to decide what you’ll do while you are there. 

Step 7: Complete the other tasks below, taking a new page for each activity. We can’t wait to see these finished journals. Make sure they are NEAT, BRIGHT and EYE-CATCHING.


Language, Literacy and Communication


Describe the location you have chosen. Have a look at the resources below. 

  1. Choose an image of the place you would like to go – there are some examples on the PPT, but you could choose anywhere. 
  2. Read the descriptive example on the PPT. 
  3. Have a go at filling in the senses grid about your image / location. 
  4. Write your own descriptive paragraph. You could stick the picture next to it if you like. 



Create an advert for the place you have chosen. Have a look at the resources below.  This could be an advert for the whole country or for a particular landmark in that country. 

Write a page of a holiday brochure for a chosen holiday destination (Harvey)

Different people have different places and they have to persuade someone else to go there (Jacob)


Write a journal / diary entry(ies) for different days of your holiday, make ticket stubs / photos etc to add to your journal.









James and the Giant Peach

To listen to our class story please click on this link and use your FlipGrid password. 




Find out these things about your country and include them in your journal:

· The location in the world – is it coastal? Where does it border? Which hemisphere is it in?

· A map of the country. 

· The language spoken. 

· The population. 

· What currency (money) do they use? 

· What is the climate usually like? 

· Are there any famous tourist attractions? 

· Any other information i.e. traditional or popular music, fun facts, famous people from that country.  


Find out about that country and put it in a PPT (Catherine)

Learn about different places – Spain, Japan, New South Wales or one of your own choice (Arjun, Nikhil, Oscar)

Health and Wellbeing


Daily Joe Wickes PE / go for a walk / bike ride etc.


Les Mills - YouTube



Find out about food in the country of your choice. Plan a menu of traditional food and draw conclusions about whether it is a healthy diet (Oscar)

Expressive arts

Draw different places from the country of your choice (Jacob)



Have a budget for a holiday and plan how we’d spend it (Harvey)

Plan a holiday and cost it somewhere in the world that we get to choose. (Catherine)


What things do you need to budget for on your holiday? 

You could write your budget as a list or as a pie chart as shown in the PPT. 

Ticket costs

Hotel / accommodation / self catering

Meals (is their hotel all inclusive etc)

Flights or transport (direct)

Work out the total cost for their holiday


Extension – airport transfers, car hire, etc