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Language, Literacy and Communication


James and the Giant Peach - To listen to our class story please click on this link and use your FlipGrid password. 


Handwriting – some of you have been struggling to keep your writing neat over the last few weeks. If you think this is something you need to work on then have a look at the handwriting sheets below and complete them in your own time. You can print the handwriting guidelines if you would like and here is a video to show you how to form and join the letters correctly 


Welsh – create a list of things you would pack in a suitcase to take on holiday with you. Remember to make your meaning clear whether this is through pictures or by writing the translations (Harvey). You can use the sheets below if you would like. There are options to cut and stick, label, write a list or draw your own items that you would take on holiday. Remember to label everything in Welsh. You will need to say where you are going on holiday as you would obviously need different things depending on the type of holiday. 

Science and Technology


Find out how aeroplanes work. Create a diagram labelling the different parts and explain how forces act to keep the plane in the air (Harvey). If you would like to label an existing picture then you could start with the one below.


There are some useful websites here:

BBC Bitesize

Science museum

And a fun activity you can have a go at below.


Perhaps the page from the book Amazing Aeroplanes by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker will help you understand how a plane flies. 


Find out about Time Zones around the world and why we have them. All of the instructions and resources are below. (Oscar)

Health and Wellbeing


Daily Joe Wickes PE / go for a walk / bike ride etc




Carry out a survey of your family and friends to see where they have been on holiday. Plot these places on a map of the world (there is one in the Time Zone resources folder) and create a key to show the travel of different individuals. (Harvey)

Who has travelled the furthest in one trip? 

Who has travelled the furthest in total if you add up all the journeys? 

Which place would you most like to visit?


Just for fun

Learn some phrases in the language of a country you would like to visit. Create a mini dictionary for your travels or film yourself having a go with your new language skills and upload them to flipgrid. (Jacob)