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Just Think  -  Sir Alvin and the Dragon

Or  What does it mean to be brave?


Click on the link above to listen to the story.  The story is all about bravery and is in 3 sections.  You will need to stop the story after 5 mins and again at 9 mins 40 secs.  After each section you need to read the questions below and think carefully about your answers, perhaps discuss them with your parents, carers or a bother or sister.  There is also a written task that you can do at the end.


Part 1

(Stop the story at 5 mins to think about possible answers to these questions.)


How would you describe Sir Alvin?


Is he brave? Why?/ Why not? How can you tell?


What is the opposite of bravery? Can you give an example?


Sir Alvin is scared of squirrels because he dreamt about them. Can we be afraid of something which isn’t real or true?


What does Scabwell think of Sir Alvin?


Would you be scared of the dragon?


What would you do if you were in Sir Alvin’s shoes?


Part 2

(Stop the story at 9 mins and 40 seconds.)


Is bravery something you can inherit, like a name?


Is ‘brave’ something you are or something you do?


The villagers say that bravery is: ‘When you do something you’re scared of.’ ‘Standing up for what you believe in.’

Do you agree? Why?/ Why not?


Does the situation in the village change when Sir Alvin learns that the dragon has Susie Peabody? How? Why?


At the end of part two, Sir Alvin decides to fight the dragon. Is he being brave? Why?/ Why not? What is his main reason for agreeing to do it?


Is it brave to do something even if you’re just doing it because someone tells you to? If you’re doing it just to look cool? If you’re doing it to help someone else?


Part 3

(To end)


Is it always right to do the bravest thing?


Do you think Sir Alvin would have gone to fight the dragon if he had known that Susie Peabody was a doll?


Sir Alvin says he went to fight the dragon for several reasons:

• because the villagers told him to

• to prove his bravery

• to rescue Susie Peabody

• so he could keep his name

• so they villagers wouldn’t tease him any more

• because he got talked into it

Which do you think is the best reason? Which do you think is the worst reason? Why?


Roger doesn’t spend time with the other dragons because he doesn’t agree with their behaviour. Do you think that’s brave? Why?/ Why not?


Why does Sir Alvin tell the villagers that he won’t fight Roger? Do you think that’s brave?


Have you ever done anything brave?


Why do you think it was brave?


Have your ideas about bravery changed since listening to Sir Alvin and the dragon? If so, how?


Written Task


You have a choice - pick one.



Write down 9 examples of things you think are brave.  Then diamond rank them from the most brave at the top, to the least brave at the bottom.  You can do this on squares of paper, post its or use one of the template below.  You know how to diamond rank, as you have done it in school.




Imagine you are going to interview Sir Alvin after his encounter with the dragon. What questions would you ask and why?  Write 9. 




Write about when you did something brave or make up a story about an act of bravery.