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Hello! Over the next few days I will be adding more activities for you to do over the week or holidays if you wish. I am leaving all activities from the last lockdown on this page for you to have a look at or do.


If there is anything that you need please message me on my email address.

Inside Out: Guessing the feelings.

This a lovely clip to show children the basic emotions. Talk to your child/children about each feeling during the clip.



A few weeks ago I put some ideas about emotions below in green labelled Emotions Games.  It is so important to talk about our feelings, it helps to let other people know how you are feeling and that makes us feel better too.  Whatever feeling you have it is always good to share it with someone so that they understand how and why you are feeling that way.  Here are a few more ideas that you can do to help learn about how you feel and encourage your children to express themselves:-


  • Make different emotion faces and ask your child to guess what you are feeling and vice versa.
  • Sing 'When you're happy and you know it' and then continue with the verses using happy, mad, sad, excited, scared etc.,
  • Label an emotion, make the facial expression and ask your child to copy you.
  • Throughout the day, tell your children how you are feeling and why. "I'm cross because I can't get the computer to work.  I'm frustrated because I can't get the lid off the jar.  I'm happy because we are going to play a game"
  • When you give your child their food, arrange the food into a facial expression or use dried foods and make faces - pasta, cereal, raisins etc.,
  • Make a feelings diary.  Throughout the day encourage your child to write or draw a picture of how they are feeling and why.  This will encourage them to express how they feel.  Even if they don't verbally tell you, written or drawn is giving them the confidence to start.
  • If your child has experienced a certain emotion and when they are calm ask them to draw a picture of how they felt and why then talk about it with them when they are ready.

Invisible String


This is a lovely story all about attachment.  Read this story together and talk about what is happening as you go through the story.  There are some lovely activities I have attached for after.

Coronavirus Explained! (for kids)

A great watch to go over how to prevent children catching the virus.

Fight Flight Freeze - A Guide to Anxiety for Kids

Morning Birchgrove Stars!  Hope you all had a lovely half term break.  It's Sports Week this week so exercise and having fun is a great way to feel good about things so join in and have lots of fun.  I'm in Ty Melyn so will be supporting you throughout the week!


Below is June's Wellbeing Calendar.  There are some lovely activities to do on your own or with anyone in your house. Don;t forget to either email me, tweet or put it on flipgrid so I can see what activities you do as I am missing talking to you all and hearing about your news!


Rainbow Mood Tracker


This is a good way to track your mood.  Fill in a colour each day of how you have been feeling and then see if there is a pattern.  Which mood has the highest number of days and which mood has the lowest number of days?  If you can't print it off then you can always draw it.

Wellbeing Diary


Keep a track of all the lovely things that you do each day.  If you write them down it motivates you to keep going and do different activities.  At the end of the week think about all of the items on the right hand side and be proud of what you have achieved this week.  If you don't have a printer you can make your own copy by drawing it.

Social distancing for children

A lovely video to show children different ways they can social distance to communicate with others.

Mental Health Awareness Week


This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the focus is on kindness.  Keeping our mind in tip top condition is just as important as keeping our body in tip top condition.


What a fab time to look at what kind things we can do for ourselves and others. 


Below are some ideas of how to be kind to yourself and what to do for others, yourself and/or the community that you live in.  

Below is a great supporters pack with some lovely ideas.  Remember it starts with you, so be kind to yourself.  Take time each day to do something for yourself. heart

Day 4


How are you today? I'm feeling excited and happy because I have been spreading the happiness this morning by sending my family and friends a good morning message.  It's nice to be kind to others, it makes me feel good that I have put a smile on somebody's face.


So who can you make smile today?  What can you do to be kind?  Here are a few ideas:-



So start spreading the kindness ......

Day 3


How are you feeling today?  Today I am feeling happy that the sun is out, some of you know I love the sun and Spain!  I am also feeling a little worried this morning as it's my daughters birthday soon and I am trying to think of ways to make it special as she won't see anyone . Tell someone how you are feeling and why and then ask that person how they are feeling.


We are still thinking about our minds and how we can keep them healthy.  Here are a few ideas for you to do.  How many can you tick off that you have done, you don't need to do them all in a day! The idea is for you to do something and enjoy and to put a smile on your face or to relax.




I am going to go and give my dog Alfie a cuddle, have a shower and do some mindful breaths!  Have a great day and don't forget to be kind!

Day 2


Hope you had a good day yesterday.  It was lovely to see some of you when I was out on my walk yesterday.  It always cheers me up and brings a smile to my face, don't forget you can always email me.


I know you are always busy being kind to others but today I want you to be kind to yourself. So start thinking, "What can I do that's kind for me?" Here are a few ideas that you can choose from or you can think of one of your own.


  • Spend some time today doing something that YOU really want to do. It could be playing a board game, making a den, reading your favourite book, making something.
  • Talk to someone about all the good/positive things that you have done since you have been at home and how it made you feel.  Write them down in a story, draw pictures, write them on a piece of paper and pop them into a jar, envelope and keep them. It'll give you a boost and you'll be surprised how much fun you have had.
  • Read some of these affirmations out to yourself, write them down, stick over your bedroom door or wall and read them every day you wake up.



I'm going to start doing some breathing exercises before my girls all come down, in through the nose and out through the mouth.  In for 6 and out for 6 nice and slowly. Have a great day and start with one of the affirmations above! 

Day 1


We are going to kick start the week with an idea from Tom in RBC!  Tom and his family have created a jar to fill with ideas that they can do after lock down. 



All you need is a jar or box and decorate it how you want.  Then every time you wish you could do something or treat yourself, write it down on a piece of paper and pop it into the jar.  When lock down is over, you have lots of fun things to do! Here are some ideas:-


  • Give Grandma or Grandad a hug.
  • Visit your favourite ice cream shop.
  • See one of your friends.
  • Go to the beach.


Have fun filling your jar and don't forget to send us your ideas! @birchgroveprm

Welcome to our new members of the den!


We have 3 new members of school.  I am looking for some help in naming them so I can give them name tags so I don't forget their names!  They will be living with me until it is safe to go to school so I will need to teach them all the rules that we have learnt over the last few weeks. Firstly, can you send me suggestions to name them please and I will pull them out of a hat! (My email is at the top of this page or you can tweet me your ideas!)

Emotion Games


Understanding your emotions is very important.  It can help us to talk about our feelings and understand how we are feeling and why.  It will also help us to deal with different situations and be able to move on.  It is very important to tell people how you are feeling. (See feelings diary below). This week I want you to concentrate on - Happy, sad, angry, scared, worried and disgusted.  Here are some ideas:-


  • Draw/paint/write about a time when you felt these emotions.
  • Act out with your teddies, puppets, lego, make a movie about the different emotions - be as imaginative as you want.
  • When watching tv, label the characters when they are feeling those emotions.
  • Have the emotions on your fridge and when you are feeling that emotion put a clothes peg, blu tac, photo of you on that emotion.
  • Write as many words as you can to describe that emotion. Sad - upset, miserable, down etc.,
  • Ask people you talk to how they are feeling and why.
  • Look in the mirror or with someone else practice the face of that emotion. Ask someone to guess what it is and vice versa.
  • Send me an email and tell me how you are feeling any why.
  • Keep a diary every day of your emotions.


Today I am feeling worried because I have family living in England and want to speak to them to make sure they are staying safe.  I am also feeling excited as my husband will be off work for 2 days so we can all be together!


If you don't have a printer, make your own.


Stress balls


These are a good way to unwind or relax and it's a nice massage on your hands and releases muscle tension.  Fill a balloon with rice, lentils, flour, bicarb soda or a mixture of rice and flour.  Then pop your filled balloon inside another balloon to make it less likely to burst.

Online Games


A great site with a mixture of fun online games for children, including some wellbeing games!

Mindfulness Colouring


A lovely activity for all the family to join in. Complete this mindfulness colouring poster all about lockdown. Put your favourite music on, relax and enjoy. 

Have you filled a bucket today?


Do you remember that we all have our own buckets that we made in school?  Why not listen to the story with your family and all make your own bucket so you can fill them daily with lovely messages. Make it as creative as you want and don't forget to put your name on it. Have fun and spread the kindness.

May Wellbeing Calendar


Each day challenge yourself to complete the challenges on the calendar.  Don't worry if you miss a day, just go onto the next.  Have fun!

What are your top 10 tips?

What would be your top 10 tips to give to someone for staying at home?  Mine would be....


1. Keep a daily routine.

2. Physical exercise.

3. Contact my friends.

4. Speak to my mum on video call.

5. Find some time to relax - read my book, play with my dog, suduko, cooking.

6. Eat healthy food throughout the day and have my cup of tea and biscuits in the evening.

7. Tell someone how I am feeling. (Very important!)

8. Doing something nice for someone, it always puts a smile on my face.

9. Watch my favourite TV programme.

10. Walking my dog with my 3 girls and them laughing at me constantly telling them to keep their distance from people!



Emotional register for under 5's

This is  a great tool for the younger children to use to help them talk about their emotions.  If you don't have a printer you can draw the register.

Mindful Breathing

1. Find a relaxing place to lie down and place your one hand on your tummy.

2. Breath deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Pay attention to any sounds that you may hear and your hand moving up and down whilst you breath. Do this for a minute.

3. Then take a slow deep breath and feel the air filling your lungs as you breath in and slowly release.

4. Take another deep breath, hold it and then slowly release.


When you finish think of one thing that you are grateful for.

Glitter Bottles

A glitter bottle is a great way to try and relax.  All you need is a clean plastic bottle, glitter, food colouring and water.  Fill your bottle with water, then add your glitter and a few drops of food colouring.  When you feel like you want to relax, give your glitter jar a good shake:-


  • Watch all the glitter in the water and put some nice music on.
  • If you've used different colours, keep your eye on one colour.
  • Follow one piece of glitter around if you can.
  • Use it as a timer to calm down.


Those are just a few ideas. Let me know if there are any other ways that you can use your glitter jar.

Fuzzy Jar

What makes you feel warm and fuzzy? It could be a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, watching a movie, a hug or even a video call.

April Wellbeing Calendar

A monthly well being challenge is a good way to keep your mind occupied and to have a bit of fun every day. Let me know how you get on with the challenges if you can.  Have fun and enjoy them!

Mindful colouring

Colouring is a fantastic way to relax, calm yourself and take time away from everything. Google mindful colouring and there are lots of sites that you can print off pictures to colour in. If you don't have a printer, pick a dark pen and on a piece of paper start to draw squiggly lines but don't take your pen off the paper (as I've done above)! Once finished you should have lots of different sized shapes/areas to colour in.  Put your favourite music on or try some relaxing music and colour away!

Negative to Positive

How can you turn that negative into a positive.  Use this helpful booklet to keep a track of any negative thoughts and turn that negative into a positive.  Speak to your mums or dads about the negative thought you are having and write down a solution that you come up with.  When you are feeling that thought again, go back to your booklet.  

Positive paperchains

Make a positive paper chain. Start with lots of paper and cut them into strips. On each strip write something positive in your life, it could be:-

  • The sun is shining
  • I have my family
  • I can speak to my friends on the phone


You can make different paper chains:-


  • All the positive things in your life
  • All the kind things that you have ever done
  • All the people you love
  • All the different emotions you have felt and why
  • All the things that make you happy
  • All the things you are proud of


The list is endless, decorate them with pictures as well and brighten up your room or house!

Calming Down Dice

These dice are a great way to calm down.  Make the dice and colour them in if you wish.  Then start to roll the dice and practise the activity.  

If you are feeling a little angry or anxious then make a calming dice.  Use one that is below or make one of your own with your own calming strategies.

Routine planner

Lots of children will feel slightly nervous or anxious being away from their normal school routine. A good way to ease their anxiety is to plan the day ahead visually and in chunks-morning/afternoon/evening. Try some of these resources or make your own with your child. Have fun!