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Hello Birchgrove Stars. Here you will find some fun activities to try at home. There will be a new one each week for you. Hope you enjoy them and send some photos if possible. 


Monday 8th June World Ocean Day


Today is World Ocean Day.  

Try out these activities and learn something new about our oceans.


1. Watch this video about how important our oceans are. Its fascinating.


2.  Set course to and  predict the path of floating pollution with this engaging interactive activity.


3. Play this online game. Catch as many plastic items as you can. Keep our oceans clean.


4. Test your knowledge of the continents and oceans. Drag and drop in the correct place.


Friday 5th May 

The next full moon is due to rise over the UK on 5 June, offering sky gazers the chance to see what is traditionally known as the Strawberry Moon. It will be visible in the evening on Friday, rising in the south east just after 9pm as the sun is setting on the other side of the horizon. 

Have a look in the sky tonight ? Can you see the beautiful strawberry moon ? 

Monday 1st June 


Cotton ball launcher.

Not exactly a rocket launcher but still it looks great fun. Follow the video to see how to make your very own launcher. If you don't have a hole punch use a scissors, remember to ask a grown up when using sharp scissors. If you don't have cotton wool try using scrunched up paper. 

Once you have made  your launcher see how far you can launch your ball. Measure the distance. Perhaps you can have a family challenge, see who is the champion launcher in your house !


Wednesday 27th May (Rescheduled for 30th May due to weather conditions being too windy )

Today NASA will launch 2 men into space.

The mission, known as Demo-2, will allow the US to once again send humans into space.

Nasa and SpaceX are on course to make history today by launching two astronauts inside the Crew Dragon capsule from US soil for the first time since 2011.

Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) at 9.33pm UK time on May 27, in a spacecraft built by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's company.


What is the purpose of this mission?

The mission, known as Demo-2, will allow the US to once again send humans into space. According to Nasa, this is a demonstration mission to show SpaceX's ability to ferry astronauts to the space station and back safely.


How can you watch the launch from the UK?

NASA will be live streaming the launch on its YouTube channel here.


Half Term Monday 25th May 

Try out these body illusions . Great for all the family  . Use your senses and have some fun. It’s not magic , it’s science !


Monday 18th May


Here is a fun project you can try with coloured sweets you have. You will make some amazing art using nothing but coloured sweets and hot water—and a little bit of science. Remember ask an adult to help you when pouring hot water. Can you make a rainbow,  and put it in your window ?

Monday 4th May.

 Bore da STEM fans. This is one of our favourites. Paper roller coasters. You can use paper plates, toilet rolls or rolled up paper but the challenge is to get the marble, or whatever you have, to roll down your roller coaster. Remember to start up high so that gravity will help. Year 5 I know your topic is Scream Machine so this one is definitely worth a try. Have fun and we would love to see your finished results.  Click on the link below for more information. 

Monday 27th April.

Gum gears

Did you know that gears are all around you? You can find them in wind-up toys, bicycles, carousels, cars and trucks, cranes, drills, wind turbines, analog watches they are very important.  If you've looked closely at a moving bicycle, you have seen gears at work. Are you curious about their purpose? In this activity you will use candy to make gears and explore why they are so versatile.

Monday 20th April.

If you write with your right hand, you may also prefer to draw, throw a ball, or eat food with your right hand, but have you ever wondered if your right foot is also more dominant than your left foot? What about your right eye and ear — do you prefer to use them more than your left ones? In this activity, you will get to find out whether people have a sidedness — that is, whether they generally prefer to do activities with one side of their body — and what that might say about their brain.


Friday 17th April 

For the next 10 days there will be a meteor shower in the UK skies. Follow the link to find out more . Happy viewing and send us any photos please .

Week beginning Monday 06.04.2020

Rare pink supermoon will appear in the sky this Wednesday

Toothpick structures are a fantastic, low cost and easy STEM challenge that can keep children  busy for hours, but you could also use straws or spaghetti.

Set the children a challenge to build a structure that would hold a chocolate egg off the ground.

Monday 30.03.2020 

This week's STEM fun is a favourite in the Watkins household.

This is my son many years ago. He loved the straw activity . 

The International Space Station is in our skies this week . Clink on the link then follow the link to the NASA website . On the map locate Cardiff to find the best times to view it . Enjoy


Monday 23.03.2020

Techniquest Daily Demos 


Techniquest are uploading daily live science demos at midday. Some you can try at home. Today they made a lava lamp. Check out their website for the videos.