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Hello Birchgrove Stars. Here you will find some fun activities to try at home. There will be a new one each week for you. Hope you enjoy them and send some photos if possible. 


Week beginning Monday 06.04.2020

Rare pink supermoon will appear in the sky this Wednesday

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Toothpick structures are a fantastic, low cost and easy STEM challenge that can keep children  busy for hours, but you could also use straws or spaghetti.

Set the children a challenge to build a structure that would hold a chocolate egg off the ground.

Monday 30.03.2020 

This week's STEM fun is a favourite in the Watkins household.

This is my son many years ago. He loved the straw activity . 
Picture 1

The International Space Station is in our skies this week . Clink on the link then follow the link to the NASA website . On the map locate Cardiff to find the best times to view it . Enjoy


Monday 23.03.2020

Techniquest Daily Demos 


Techniquest are uploading daily live science demos at midday. Some you can try at home. Today they made a lava lamp. Check out their website for the videos.