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Week 5 Group 2. 11.2.2020

Properties of materials . Some super predicting !  The children discussed which material would stop the sugar absorbing the water . They all chose the foil . They then ordered the 5 materials from most waterproof to the least . They were spot on ! Ardderchog and great Decision Dewi and Teamwork Twm work .


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STEM club week 4 Group 2  4/2/2020

Ready, steady aim go ! Catapult challenge . Not as easy as it looks . Lots of teamwork Twm and accuracy and persistence . Always good fun as well ! Have a go yourselves .


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STEM club.  21.1.2020  week 2 Group 2 

Engineering challenge . Towers of sticks and midget  gems . Some impressive structures and lots of Teamwork Twm ! The winning tower was 39 cm tall ardderchog merched !  Great fun as well. 

14.1.2020 STEM club week 1 Group 2 

Chemistry and rainbow water . Sugared water was carefully pipetted into the container . A steady hand was needed and lots of concentration. The pupils predicted the colours might mix and they might change colour. Lots of awe and wonder when they created their layered  water . It’s science not magic !

STEM club . Week 6.  17.12.19 Group 1 

Symmetry and chemistry . Snowflakes ... each snowflake is unique and made of water molecules and always 6 points . Lots of concentration needed to make our paper versions. Diolch i Mrs Morgan for your help the children loved it. Nadolig llawen i pawb . 

STEM club week 5 . Group 1. 10.12.19
 .... a real challenge ! Build a catapult then hit the target . It became very competitive and lots of discussion about where to place the pompom. Desicion Dewi and Teamwork Twm . 


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STEM club week 4 . 3.12.19 Group 1 

Surface tension and water . Lots of steady hands required and some super pipetting  skills. We predicted whether the larger coins would hold more water and overall they did. Some great meniscus formed ! 

STEM club week 3.  26.11.19  Group 1 

Engineering challenge . Tooth picks and sweets. The challenge to build the highest towers without eating the sweets. Lots of concentration and working together... Teamwork Twm !

Da iawn year2 ! 


  1. STEM club week 2  19.11.19      Group 1.  
    Chemistry colour fun. Lots of super predictions.... the colours will change, they will disappear or move. The colours were repelled in the milk and then gas was made in the baking soda. Lots of awe and wonder ... it’s not magic though it’s science . 


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STEM club week 1 Group 1 . 12.11.19 

Engineering challenge. A steady hand and persistence needed . Definitely a Brainy Branwen moment. So proud of the pupils attitude and enthusiasm . 

Week 6   28.3.19 

Last week for this group of super scientists . We ended with slime .... lots of fun and mess. The children definitely enjoyed by the look of their faces. Ardderchog plant . 

Week4.  7.3.19

Sugar  towers and materials . This week we looked at materials. Which material was best to stop the sugar tower collapsing . Super predictions about what happens to the sugar . The pupils discussed sucking up the water the sugar melting and how the materials were strong to stop the water . Great fun and super choices of material and where to place the material . Ardderchog plant ! 

Week 3  21.2.19 Group 3

layered water science experiment . The pupils stirred in different amounts of sugar into coloured water. Some predicted the colours would mix some said they would make a rainbow. Lots of discussion about the results . ‘ The water with the most sugar is heavy so it is at the bottom ‘ excellent explanation from year 2 ! It’s all about density and of course fun . 

Week 2 Group 3.  14.2.19

The budding engineers needed a steady hand lots of persistence and team work. They talked about having  a solid , steady and stable base . No-one gave up and there was a winner . Da iawn bachgen . 

Week 1 Group 3 7.2.19

lollipops and forces . This challenge was very hands on and needed persistence and team work. The children worked very hard and were delighted to see the lollipops fly . Lots of forces and energy involved - good Physics challenge. 



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Week 5 Group 2  13.12.18

Rocket balloons week 2. Very competitive and lots of persisting. Always good fun when the rockets succeed. 


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Week 4 group 2   6.12.18 

The budding scientists were split into 2 groups . One group used construction equipment to follow instructions . The second group made balloon rockets a very competitive activity. Lots of fun and concentration from all pupils. They will swap activities next week. 


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Week 3 Group 2 29.11.18

Designing a spaghetti and marshmallow structure . Super communication skills and thinking skills .Ardderchog .

Week 1 & 2    15.11.18.   22.11.28. Group 2 

Paper plate roller coasters. Great fun and lots of trial and error. The pupils looked at designs. They needed to ensure the drop wasn’t too steep. They added tunnels and drops to make it more tricky. Great fun but lots of persistence required. Ardderchog plant ! 


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Week 6 Group 1 25.10.18

An engineering week. Lots of fun and thinking ! Can they get the cogs to turn ? Can they make 3D shapes ? Can they follow the steps to make the different objects ? They certainly did ! Ardderchog eto

Engineering week

Week 5 Group 1  18.10 2018

An engineering and design task. Building a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows. The pupils built on prior knowledge and used triangle shapes to add stability.  They used diagonal links to add strength. Very impressive team work. The tallest tower was 48 cm . Not one marshmallow was consumed in the process ! Ardderchog plant . 

Spaghetti and marshmallow towers

Week 4 group 1  11.10.18 

This week the pupils were predicting what material would stop the sugar tower collapsing . Next they discussed how to use absorbent paper to make water travel from the first plate to the third plate . Super science skills ! Ardderchog

Week 3 Group 1  4.10.18 

Science fun. Making coloured layered water. Lots of predictions. Would the colours mix or stay separate ?  Year 2 were amazing. Some super skills using syringes to slowly layer the water. A steady hand and lots of patience. They mixed up different concentrations of sugar solutions and then started with the solution with the most sugar first. Some definite chemists in the making. Ardderchog year 2! 

Layered coloured water

Week 2. Group 1 . 27.9.18

The building bridges finale. Lots of persisting and trial and error. But all the groups succeeded in making a bridge. There was a wide range of designs . 

The finished results

 Week 1 Group 1 20.9.2018

Building Bridges .

The children looked at different designs of bridges. They noticed that many bridges are designed around triangle shapes. Triangles are very strong shapes. Their task is to build a straw bridge that can support an object. They really persisted and the results will be revealed next week. 


Building bridges

Week  5. 17.5.18

Paper plate rollercoasters. Great fun and lots of persisting. Gravity rules and year 2 ‘s challenge was to control the marble . Engineers in the making ! Ardderchog year 2 

Rollercoaster challenge

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Paper plate rollercoaster

Week 4. 10.5.18

sugar towers and pyramids. Deciding which face of the sugar cube would be the best to build a tower . Can you decide ? Next sugar pyramids using a 6x6 base. Then working out the number . One group counted correctly .... 91!

Sugar towers and pyramids

Week 3 . 03.05.18 

STEM club! Stopping the sugar cube tower from absorbing the coloured water and collapsing. Some super predictions and correct choice of foil and grease proof paper and NOT tissue paper! Lovely vocabulary used to describe what happened.... sucking up, melting. Great work year 2. Ardderchog !

Absorbing sugar cube tower

Week  2.  26.4.18 .The paperchain finale and felt pen chromatography. The children separated the different colours that were in the felt pens. Then they measured the paper chains using non standard units .... themselves !

Another fun session

Week 6 . Always a favourite , spaghetti and marshmallow towers and dominoes. 

Spaghetti and marshmallow towers

Week 5 tower building and pentominoes 

Towers and pentominoes

Week 4 Robotic hands.

Robotic hands

Super hands

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Week 3 Group 2

This week' s challenge was the old favourite moving the sticks to make new shapes. Lots of trial and error and certainly persistence needed. 

Lollipop challenge

Week 2 Group 2 

The bridge challenge result. We have a winner ......

Week 1 Group 2 

The bridge challenge, over 2 weeks, the task to build a bridge to support a cup and blocks. We looked at different designs and discussed shapes that are used. Materials to be used are straws, string, tape and paper clips. Lots of thinking and discussing took place. Take a look next week to see who succeeded in the challenge. 

The design stage

Week 6

A festive Physics challenge. Rudolph rockets powered by balloons and Newton’s laws of motion. Excellent fun and  the children were very competitive. Merry Christmas .

Rudolph rockets

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Paper Chain Challenge week 5

Week 1 and 2 

The challenge this week was to make a bridge from straws that would hold a cup and 10 multi link blocks. This took a lot of trial and error. However nobody gave up and each group succeeded. Some engineers in the making.

Straw bridges

Week 3.

Marshmallow challenge this week . The teams used spaghetti and marshmallows to design a structure . They recognised that triangles are the most sturdy shape. There were many variations and methods and not one marshmallow was consumed by the children in the process !

Marshmallow and spaghetti structures

Year 2 Week 4 

This  week's challenge was 2 fold. The first was a maths, shape challenge. Move 3 lollipops to create another 5 squared shape. How many shapes did they make? Lots of different methods and attempts. The second part was an engineering challenge. To build the tallest lollipop and peg tower. The skills needed were definitely persistence, co-operation, discussion and a steady hand. 

Take a look at the photos of our super STEM team.

Lollipop challenges