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Sports Day 2020

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Sports Week Introduction from Mrs McNamara

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Birchgrove Primary School Sports Week 4.6 Challenge



This week we are celebrating all things sport with our alternative sports day challenge.


On June 4th (4.6) we would have competed in NIAC for our annual sports event, however, not to be outdone by being at home, we are inviting you to be involved in our 4.6 challenge, for families in 4 house colours participating in 6 events. This is for all Birchgrove pupils :)


Each day we will set a challenge for you and your family to join in.

Every day has a theme. You can choose an activity we suggest or make up your own variation.



Sports Week through FlipGrid


A Flipgird page has been made for each house. You can then film your challenges and upload them to your house's flip grid page to get lots of points.


All the house Grid Codes can be found by clicking this link, as well as a helpful tutorial for each House:


Alternatively you can send us a message, photo or film telling us which house colour your child is representing in that challenge, so Glas, Coch, Gwyrdd or Melyn.


We will award each family member (house colour) 5 house points for each activity completed. We will keep a running tally of the houses completing the challenges, leading up to a winning house at the end of the week.


It is up to you when you complete each challenge, you do not have to do the challenge on the specified day, you could even do each of the 6  challenges in one day, it’s up to you.


Please encourage as many people from your family to get involved, the more the merrier! Just remember to let us know the challenges you’ve done if you have't used FlipGrid so that we can keep the competition going through the week.


We hope as many families as possible will get involved. Let’s get out and enjoy this fabulous weather whilst we can.  We may be staying at home but we can still participate in this together.


Have fun, get active and send us your updates through Flipgrid and Twitter :)