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Skin Deep Web Page


As part of your Skin Deep topic, your challenge is to add topic related work to a Web-Page using Adobe Spark Page. Mr Volk, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Miles will set different challenges for you to complete each week which you must then put onto your Adobe Spark Page.


Your aim is to make your web page as interesting and information filled as possible. Pob Lwc :)

Challenge 4: Minecraft Scientist World


Using the facts you have learnt about your chosen Scientist, your challenge is to create a Minecraft world with a scenario that your Scientist would be found in.  You will then add NPC’s (Non-Player Characters) to your world that will explain facts about your Scientist.


Example scenarios could be (you may have multiple scenarios):


  • University campus

  • in a research lab where they discovered an element

  • a hospital where they cured a disease

  • in their hometown

  • an awards evening where they won a Nobel prize.



Advanced Ideas:


Create an immutable world that a visitor will drop into.


  • Make your world even more interesting by asking questions that they need to answer throughout the journey using a book and quill


  • Perhaps players need to craft, create elements r solve puzzles before they move on to another room?


  • Challenge players to use the camera to document their journey.


You can find out how to add these features by checking out some advanced tutorial here:


When you have finished your Minecraft World you will need to create a video walk-through of your world. You can then use Spark Video to upload it and then share the video to your webpage J


Don’t forget to export your World when you are finished and save it to your PC, Mac or iPad.



Creating a link for your completed world and putting it on your Web Page


When you have exported your world you will then need to go into HWB and select Office 365 on the dashboard.



You can then open your own OneDrive, upload your Minecraft World and copy the url of your World and put it on your Webpage. To find out how watch the video below :)


An step-by-step guide of how to upload your Minecraft World and share it can be found here:

Challenge 3 Tutorial

Still image for this video
Mrs Miles has made a video explaining how to:
- open office 365 and onedrive,
-Create a folder
- upload your minecraft world
-share the world
-Create a button on Adobe Page

Challenge 3


Shwmae Blwyddyn 6,

We have been looking at some of your websites including your microbe’s page and they look so interesting and are exciting to read. If you could send us the link rather than the collaboration invite it will make it easier for us to view. Your next challenge is to research about a scientist of your choice. We have looked at some of these in class so you could extend your research on these or you could choose somebody completely different. Some examples are, Marie Curie, Alexander Flemming and Louis Pasteur.

You will need to find out the following:-

  • What did they discover/invent?

  • When did they discover their findings?

  • How did they discover their findings?

  • What changes have they made to the world today?

  • Interesting facts.

It would be fantastic if you could present this using Spark Video and insert it onto your page. We have been talking to Mrs Miles and she has some exciting Minecraft challenge that link to this research so it is important that this task is completed.

We look forward to seeing you build on your website page.


Mrs Hughes and Mr Volk.



Challenge 2

Once you have set up your website. Your second challenge is a research task linked to our new topic Skin Deep. As an introduction to this topic we would like you to carry out research on microbes. You can use the following questions as a guide to your research.

  • What are Microbes?

  • Give some examples of useful microbes, their names and what they do.

  • Give some examples of useful microbes, their names and what they do.

  • What do they look like? Can you draw or create some examples?

  • How big is a microbe?

There are lots of different ways you can present this in your webpage, but a good idea would be to use Adobe Spark. This could then be inserted onto your page to introduce the topic and your new knowledge about it.

We are all so excited to see these webpage’s.

Mrs Hughes and Mr Volk.

Challenge 1 - Create an Adobe Spark Account with your HWB email