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Skin Deep


We would like you to think about your own skin  and research how important it it to look after it. There are going to be lots of physical changes happening to your skin as you grow up and it is a good idea to make sure you understand why and what can be done to prevent or help some these changes. I am slightly older than all of you (and I am going to be even older on Tuesday), I now use anti-aging cream to give me my youthful look. (Don't laugh, I am sure Mr Volk uses something similar! ) 


We would like you to research more about products that can be used for different skin types and create your own brand. Use all your previous knowledge to design and advertise your product. ensure you mention its unique benefits and why people should buy it. Remember to think of your target audience. 


Click on the link below and you will find more details about the task as well as information pages that you can use.


You can present this in any way you wish. You could use powerpoint, create a learning log or add pages to your website using adobe spark. It would be fantastic to see a video of you advertising your product, you could even get family members involved. 




Mrs Hughes and Mr Volk