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Task 8


Special places


We are going to be talking about our special places. My special place is in Spain and it's special to me as I see my family. I take my children and husband and they think its special too. We do lots of fun things with everyone there and make lots of special memories to keep.


Read this sheet and see if you can answer the questions with someone. Send them to me on my email when you've completed them. I can't wait to hear where your special place is!! 

Task 7


Hello dosbarth derbyn!  I see you have read the story about the Rainbow Fish. Isn't it a lovely story, did you like it?  I want you to think about how the Rainbow fish was feeling at different parts of the story.  


How did the Rainbow fish feel at the beginning of the story?

How did the Rainbow fish feel when he thought nobody liked him?

How did the Rainbow fish feel when the octopus said to give a glittering scale to the other fish?

How did the Rainbow fish feel when he started sharing his scales with the other fish?


Using the 4 emotions you have described can you tell someone a time that you felt that emotion and why?


Have fun and remember its good to tell someone how you are feeling!  Have a great day!

Task 6


Morning boys and girls.  How are you feeling today and why?  This week is mental health awareness week and we are going to talk about how to keep ourselves healthy.  I've a few questions to ask first....


How do you keep your body healthy?

What is your favourite healthy food to eat?

What is your favourite exercise to do?


Mental health is all about how we keep our minds healthy, its very important to tell an adult how you are feeling if you are sad, worried or scared about anything.  You can draw pictures, use puppets, lego, small figures or paint how you feel.  It's entirely up to you.


I would like you to keep a diary of how you are feeling every day.  I have attached a diary for you or you can make your own and decorate it.

Task 5


On a Wednesday afternoon we learn about RE or we work on our wellbeing and emotions. This week I want to work on emotions. I would like you to look at the different emotions we have talked about in circle time - happy, sad, scared, worried, angry and surprised. I want you to look in a mirror and practise the emotion with your face and look at how it changes. What happens to your eyes, cheeks, mouth, eyebrows? How do they change? Take photos of people in your house showing you the different emotions and look at the way their face changes. Have fun and tweet your emotions for all to see!

Task 4


This week I would like to tell you why Muslims celebrate Ramandan. Ask a grown up to go through the powerpoint as we would in school.


  • Find your carpet space.
  • Can you remember how to sit?
  • Hands up if you have a question.


After you have listened to the powerpoint I would like you to think about something kind that you could do for someone. I've put a few ideas but you can think of your own.  You can start your sentence with:-


Today I will be kind by.... tidying my bedroom/helping my brother or sister/phoning my granny or grandad/making someone smile.


Let me know what you decide to do, email me, flipgrid or tweet! Have a great day and miss you all!!


Mrs Martin


Task 3


Prynhawn da Dosbarth Derbyn!  I hope you have enjoyed the activities so far.  It is Ramadan for many Muslims at the moment and I thought it would be nice to learn a little bit about it.  Sit back, relax and watch the video all about the Ramadan moon.


Your challenge this week is to make a pair of binoculars, you can be as imaginative as you want.  You can decorate them, draw on them or colour them in.  The choice is yours.  The most important thing is to enjoy the activity!  Have fun and then you can look for the moon every night!  Post a photo on twitter or use flipgrid so I can see.  Have fun!




Ramadan Moon

RE Task 2


Bore da Dosbarth Derbyn!


I’ve found some fun activities for you to do to learn all about Easter!


For today’s task I want you to have some fun and play a game of Easter bingo with your family. The bingo cards and boards all have Easter symbols on them; I wonder how many symbols you will already recognise?


You can download the bingo boards and cards below or if you don’t have a printer, why not make your own – they will be extra special then.


Don’t forget to send me pictures of you playing via Twitter @BirchgrovePrm


Mrs Martin

Task 1


Bore da Dosbarth Derbyn!


Do you know what celebration is coming up in a few weeks? I’ll give you a clue.. it involves eating chocolate eggs! That’s right... it’s Easter!

Today I’ve found a lovely video to share the Easter story with you. Make sure you watch it before I post an exciting Easter activity for us all to do!


Mrs Martin