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We are currently looking at improving our playground, this is a long term project that could take quite a while.



Children have been telling School Council members that they are bored at playtimes and lunchtimes.  We have discussed the area we have for the playground and ideas have to be sensible and we need to utilise the space that we have.


  • We have fed back to our class and have a list of ideas from the children.
  • We will be collating these ideas at our next meeting.
  • We will meet with Mrs Morgan to put forward our ideas.


Watch this space to find out more.



April/May update


New bins have finally arrived for the playground to help stop rubbish being dropped or blown away when the children opened the lids from the old bins.


Chalk boards have arrived for the walls and we are awaiting for them to be put up.  We have chosen some outdoor games which we are waiting for some funding to be available.  We are looking at holding a fundraising event to put towards the School Council playground fund.


February update

The company that we had to cost the playground was a little too expensive.  The Chairperson mentioned in the meeting that if we spent all the money on the playground there would be no money left for anything else.  


We have now costed some smaller items to help make playtime and lunchtimes more enjoyable and are meeting with Mrs Morgan shortly.


January update

The School Council Chairpersons and Secretaries met with Mrs Morgan to discuss the playground ideas that they have collated.  Mrs Morgan was very happy with the ideas and would like costings.  We had arranged for a company to come to the school to discuss the project for the following day and are awaiting costs.


All information was fed back to the other School Council members who are thinking of ways to raise money for the playground.